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  1. T

    Want to work for AMD? Linux Kernel Developer Openings - Remote or Relocation available.

    Hi Everyone, AMD has several Linux Kernel Developer openings I wanted to share: Linux Kernel - Networking I/O Lead - (open to REMOTE for this role and relocation) - Job Description HERE System Software Design Engineer Linux Security, Cloud & Virtualization - (open to REMOTE for this role and...
  2. D

    Which Linux distro for programming

    Hey guys, I wonder which Linux distro you recommend to me to program. I'm still hesitating between Arch Linux and Ubuntu and Debian. Which programming languages I 'use' you can find in the description of my acc. Thanks in advance!:) Dominic
  3. D

    Linux Devs vs Ignorant Fascists

    As you all know, the Social Justice Warriors (who I now call Ignorant Fascists, because I find the other term misleading) have infiltrated the Linux community, and are trying to ban many Linux developers because of their illogical ideologies, leading to many of the same Linux developers to...
  4. iridakos

    Creating a bash completion script

    Hello everybody, I just published a tutorial for creating bash completion scripts. Link: https://iridakos.com/tutorials/2018/03/01/bash-programmable-completion-tutorial Thanks, Lazarus
  5. iridakos

    Ruby does GTK+

    Hello everybody, I published a tutorial for creating a simple GTK+ ToDo application with Ruby. Thanks!