1. T

    What’s best for Beginners?

    I wish to build a PC, however I don’t really want to pay the $130 to get Windows on a custom built PC (I had Windows on a Laptop, however it croaked on me), and I was wondering which one would be best for A. A beginner (Duh!) And B. These things I’ll be doing: - Programming, this will include...
  2. D

    I Need Help Modifying Source Code of Open-Source Dating Site

    I recently got back into online dating because I recently encountered situations where I realized the women I've been talking to weren't for me. Sadly, the site I tried out ( sucks because of how limiting it is in terms of features, and most of the women are too far from me. Rather...
  3. D

    A Response to DT's Recent Video While I'm nowhere near as experienced in Linux as he is, he does make some points I found interesting, such as a lack of customization (something I've experienced in Mint XFCE). Because of that, I wish I was a Linux user in the early days of...
  4. super_user_do

    Good Java Books for Linux

    Hello everybody :) I'm looking for a good and up-to-date Java Book for learning in a Linux Environment. I'm tired of books that only care about java coding on windows with NetBeans. Thank you!!
  5. super_user_do

    Coding and programming on Linux

    Hello everybody :) I want to learn some programming languages, especially Java and C. What would you recommend to use for a beginner? How do I compile and execute the code?
  6. D

    Lorinda Cherry, American Computer Scientist and Programmer, Dead at 77

    I was on Wikipedia when I came across her death notice. What I find interesting is she was in this field, and highly respected for her work, at a time where most women would've been in the opposite situation. Because of that, I'm sure she inspired future women to follow in her footsteps...
  7. S

    How to use Linux from USB without booting into it?

    I am a high school student. Sometimes I need a portable way to use linux when I am at school. I am very used to using some linux utilities like VIM, compilers and others for my CS project. As my school runs on Windows, sometimes its very hard to setup a environment for a new language and figure...
  8. H

    Trying to Build an App using bit torrent so it is decentrilized

    Hi all, call me Hal. I am here looking for the right people to work on a project to redefine the internet, give people the freedom I remember we had back when this whole thing started (I am a class of 2000 kinda guy). The wire frame for the project is attached, may need some revisions, I have...
  9. B

    A cheap computer for Linux

    I wanted to know if you can build a cheap PC in under 200CAD for running Linux (Ubuntu). Purpose is to explore Linux OS and know more about the OS. A little programming for school and other classes. For online classes as well. Thank you.
  10. Confused_nerd

    Which distro best for programming?

    I'm completely new here, so first of all, hello!:) Now, I'm beginning to learn how to program (currently python) and wanted to know which Linux distribution would be best for programming.( I'm also completely new to Linux) Can someone please help, thanks!
  11. G

    Add New User with Specific Expire Date

    I want to add a user account to my linuxbox. But this user will have specific expire time which will be specified at the useradd definition.
  12. G

    Check Java version from Command Line

    I have a Java installation and I have only access via bash. How can I check the Java version from command line.
  13. blackneos940

    Having Issues With C# Code Compiling: It Says Unexpected Symbol

    Hey guys! :3 I'm back! :) And yes, I'm healthy, and have not fallen ill.... Though as for my mind, well.... But never mind all that. :D So I've been writing a Program in C#, and it won't Compile, with either mcs or Online. :( First, the Code: // This Program is released under the 2-Clause BSD...
  14. I

    How to write a SUID program in C (and other languages)?

    Recently, I configured a vulnerable server (in a VM), with intended vulnerabilities to exploit to gain access to the system and escalate privileges. One way to get root access was to debug a SUID program written by me. Even if it worked, it was the jankiest way to do it (basically used...
  15. C

    make: gcc: Permission denied -- what?

    henlo all I am having a bit of trouble getting gcc to run via make. I discovered this problem while trying to install a ruby gem, which invokes make to build the extensions, and got the "make: gcc: Permission denied" error. I have since experimented with a C++ hello world project and then a C...
  16. O

    Questions about an hp laptop

    Hi, I'm new here, i'm looking for a good laptop (the budget is around 1000€, programming, gaming a little bit, and other minor things), so, i was looking on amazon some laptops and i found this , and here in Italy it's 1050€, with the 16gb model, i want to know if i can...
  17. T

    Linux Administrator Opportunity at the University of Florida

    Hi there :) I am sure this isn't the typical post in the Linux community forum and IT professionals are constantly bombarded with job opportunities. But I had to give it a try! Please let me know if these types of posts are not appropriate (even for the off topic page). The Univeristy of...
  18. blackneos940

    Am I Doomed Forever To Only Program With CLI with my Autistic mind?

    Hey guys.... Merry Christmas! :3 Anywho, I'm a bit depressed about something... I tried, and tried, to get pretty good at GTK+, Visual Studio, etc., but it seems that I just can't grasp the idea of UX.... As you know, I have Autism, so we tend to think in certain ways that don't involve certain...
  19. blackneos940

    Having Trouble Understanding When To Call Classes In C# With Mono and .NET...

    So anywho, this post pertains to Linux, but also to any OS that can run Mono or .NET Framework. It's a basic C# Program I got from a YouTube video teaching C#. :) First, the Code... using static System.Console; namespace Classes { class Animal { //Class Constructors public...
  20. blackneos940

    Why Do I Find It So Hard To Integrate Code From Elsewhere?

    Hey guys. :3 It is I, black! :3 Anywho, it seems that despite all my years of trying to understand Programming, I still have a hard time integrating existing Code into a Program I'm writing... :< Take for example this: public static void click(int x, int y) throws AWTException{ Robot bot =...