Trying to Build an App using bit torrent so it is decentrilized


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Oct 8, 2021
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Hi all, call me Hal. I am here looking for the right people to work on a project to redefine the internet, give people the freedom I remember we had back when this whole thing started (I am a class of 2000 kinda guy).

The wire frame for the project is attached, may need some revisions, I have the money, the plan, but we need the team.

Using bit torrent open source, which is already on pc, mac, linux, iphone, and android as a de-centralized medium for the exchange of information, we put a social media app on the top of that and bamb, free speech in an unstoppable format.

I am knew here so bear with me, and time is sorta the crunch - we are already 3 months behind due to none stop fakes, flakes, and script kiddies who can't complete the project and just want to try and get the money. (over 90 by my personal count alone and there is a team of us out looking for people to work this project, it is bad out there...).

Some requirements
Bit torrent open source.
Able to write programs for linux, Max, Windows 7,8,10.
Iphone and Android app creation.

I understand not all of you can do all of this, but if you got a part, lets talk.

Projected project time - 1 - 2 months
Final file size - 8-11 MB

Open to suggestions on the app functions, this is only V2.0.

V3.0 will have added function we deem needed from 2.0 but don't have the time/money to implement (2.0 will provide)

The project after that is a new type of bit coin, as in a currency concept never seen before (block chain may be used to prevent counterfiting but that is as far as that goes...)

The project after that is an AI (these are easy in concept and not hard to build but you need a new group for each build - has to do with all the t1 programs needed to feed the t2 core programs... and the new crew ensures each AI can better feed into the t3 hive).

Questions welcomed.

Who wants to redefine the internet with us?


  • Project Sky Wire Frame.pdf
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Heya mate, welcome to This isn't really a recruitment hub, but that's cool. I would suggest, though, that you edit your OP. You're not coming across too seriously. I mean rant, sure, but maybe on a blog and keep it more restrained here. I like the "decentralised" part of your idea..problem is that's the only part you've disclosed.

Hiya all,

My name is ____ and I know this is my 1st post, so I'm jumping the gun, but I wanna really help giving people freedom but only have ideas and cash, not know-how or time. So I'm reaching out here.
My plan is a ______ which will be decentralised. Essentially, my theoretical model is _______. I'm open to crits and ideas on that, too.
But, yeah, my main motive is recruitment. I can pay, so even if I flake, you won't have wasted your time, I'll have paid you.
I know I shouldn't have barged in without even introducing myself in the introductory thread, but I'm super passionate.
So here are my requirements
____ programming/scripting languages
Someone/sometwo/somethree people with engineering level knowledge of networking, especially p2p and nodes.
___ devs, ___ devs, and ___ devs.

Post any questions here. Also PM me or just post if you're interested.

Thanks and looking forward to your input,


That's how it's done. FTR, if you are serious, depending on the project, I may, stress may, be interested. Last tine I coded seriously was around 10+ years back, but I could brush up. Last project I worked on was the network buffer on a fan game that got DMCA'd.

Anyhoo, give this some thought. Don't get naggy, frustrated, overbearing, or stalkerish. If you don't get responses, join the community, learn some Linux and when we know you a little better, try again. And if you get negative replies, don't get pissed off or defensive, realise that 99% of it is constructive criticism.
While I'll admit I wouldn't know how to code or develop software to save my life, I'm always interested in ideas that are non-mainstream. However, from what I read in your wire frame so far, it sounds more like a webhosting service than a recreation of the web itself (and yes, "the web" is the proper term). It would make more sense to create an internet protocol than what you're talking about. Because you want to use BitTorrent to create this, ZeroNet already beat you to it: I want to support your idea, but it would be redundant, and what you want isn't what you're describing.
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It is an app that lets you share and post your data across current networks so yes I guess you can call it a web hosting service (that won't be touched on until v3.0 however as it costs $$$ to go that far, then we have V4.0 and 5.0 to content with, but baby steps)

I looked can't get a page to load, so clearly not good - maybe they have been shut down? If so my project is needed again, if we can get their code some place that would save time...

They are doing the exact same thing so yes, If I can get with them they just saved me a lot of work and I can just make a web page.

Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

EDIT, can you get to load? I think this may be gone, any way to get the code involved? will make the work a lot easier.
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can you get to load? I think this may be gone, any way to get the code involved? will make the work a lot easier.

I tried it myself just now, and I'm also having problems with connecting to it. Either it's temporarily down for maintenance or experiencing bandwidth congestion.
After seeing this thread in the forums section, I decided to try accessing Zeronet again, and I managed to get through
Ok, Fan, does that post float your boat?
It's a big improvement, well done. You want to revise the spelling and grammar in your presentation, otherwise, it looks good.
It's a big improvement, well done. You want to revise the spelling and grammar in your presentation, otherwise, it looks good.
Oh hey, just got back here after a hot minute, boiling the post down even more in my latest post to get this as fast and simple as possible, but are you guys still interested in a free speech plat like this?

Forgot I posted to you guys but tell me what you think and if you want to talk more, since you know this system of yours better then me - well if we are to make this work, feels like I need to get you and people like you on board so we can move forward with credibility.
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Hey, so you may also have a look into projects like Tox and Odysee / LBRY too. It's not exactly what you're wanting, but it may provide useful groundwork or a base framework. I'm sure you'd be able to come up with an implementation that'd be close to what you're looking for. JSYK, there are loads of projects out there with similar base goals. Perhaps you could find a project you like, lose the parts you don't like, and add what you need to rather than starting from scratch. Just my musing after about 6 months unplugged (sorry if I've lost track of this thread or forgotten something).

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