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Apr 23, 2022
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Hello everybody :)

I'm looking for a good and up-to-date Java Book for learning in a Linux Environment. I'm tired of books that only care about java coding on windows with NetBeans.

Thank you!!

Java runs on the JVM, so code is multi-platform, so the only thing that you need to care for is to write the file system paths using the correct \ or /, and I think there was a way to not even have to care about that.

Aside from it, my recommendation is the eternal Java Tutorials (Sun Microsystems Oracle) and after that, "Modern Java in Action" (Manning).

The Java Tutorials is the Original Source of Truth and, while it doesn't cover language changes since Java 8, the differences are quite minimal. Modern Java in Action should cover any significant gaps from Java 8. I have its previous edition, Java 8 in Action (I am very old), and it's wonderful.

My next recommendation is "Practical Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito" for when you know the language and want to develop a serious project with a proper testing strategy.
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Aside from it, my recommendation is the eternal Java Tutorials (Sun Microsystems Oracle)
Probably about as close to updated and complete as you're going to get. Most books I've seen were last updated in the 2000's.
I have an unread copy of "Java: The Complete Reference" that looks pretty good. I never got around to reading it, however. But, it was highly recommended when I asked around.

Edit: Seeing as Wiz stickied it, I figured I'd be less lazy and link to the actual book. There's a 12th edition, published in late 2021, but I do not have that.
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And if you’re learning Java as a first programming language, then Head First Java and Head First Design Patterns are great resources!
Edit: And they’re not platform specific!
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