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Arch and Developers - supported IDEs

Discussion in 'Arch' started by lazarvgd, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. lazarvgd

    lazarvgd Guest

    Hi guys, I am thinking to install on Arch linux on my new laptop, but I am really new to it. I used debian distros and I am familiar with it(how complicate can it be :) ). Now I want to install Arch, but I am not sure how well is supported for IDEs(Android Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse)?

    I have not found install packages for Arch for these IDEs, does it mean that there are no options to install these apps or if there are options for install, then how do they behave(any issues, bugs,etc.)?

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    Please advice!
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  2. atanere

    atanere Guest

    My recommendation is to stick with what you are familiar with while you are new. Debian is a great distro... and so is Arch, but Arch is not newbie friendly. I would guess that the Android development tools will install in any flavor of Linux, although you may have to build from source. Good luck!
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  3. Yesyesloud

    Yesyesloud Guest

    Any of those IDEs will work flawlessly on Arch. You can easily install them from the AUR repositories in case they're not available from the main ones. If you want to get familiar with Arch package management (not having to build the OS from the ground up), you could try Antergos (which's a pretty clean version of Arch although the most purist won't say so), or go for Manjaro (a very stable Arch-based distribution). Mainly, you'll install packages from the major repos with pacman and yaourt (you can use a GUI like Octopi in order to simplify that). Also, make sure you set the environment variables for the java VM paths, although it won't be different from Debian config.

    Debian itself is glorious, but I tend to avoid most debian-derived operating systems. I can't stand Ubuntu anymore, for instance.

    Good luck in your choices!
  4. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest


  5. lazarvgd

    lazarvgd Guest

    Thank you all, I really appreciate that!

    @ryanvade I haven't found these packages on official site, but thank you for your time and effort.

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