Where to talk about independent OS, Network Tech / protocols ?

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Aug 2, 2022
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I have a question regarding the HTTP protocol.

Do you know a good place of exchange (Forum) That treat about Network / Cybersecurity ? On which the censorship is low ?
Because I'm fed-up with StackOverFlow, Reddit....

Thank you

We can only assume that you didn't mean what you were saying/thinking....?

....or did you actually have a question ?

If you do....spit it out.
If you're against censorship, this is definitely not the site for you.

We do not allow discussion on any number of topics because of the drama they create.

Fortunately, most folks here self-censor but this is definitely not a 'free speech' zone.
OP, your post set off a few red flags. I don't think you're looking for a discussion, I think you're looking to start a fight and are frustrated because nobody wants to indulge you!

Word of advice - you want to start a scuffle, a bar is where you go! Then again, getting your skull cracked by a beer bottle is no fun.
I note that the OP has not bothered to take note of any comments here, since he posted them.
I have a question regarding the HTTP protocol.

Where is the question?

Locking this Thread.

If the OP is prepared to follow through with a question he can start a new Thread.

Chris Turner
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