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Rock Roxx

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One of my faves over 50 years ago, Badfinger "Day After Day"

I have a small anecdote on the band.

My father was on an aeroplane with Badfinger on board and the plane went into a patch of turbulence.

Badfinger broke into a rendition of the hymn "Rock of Ages", and all the passengers applauded.
A change of pace and genre, also 50 years old - Black Sabbath "Sabbra Cadabra"

I don't think this needs an introduction

27th June marked 5 years of Rock Roxx.

Here's a couple of songs marking the occasion. Loosely associated with birthdays, anniversaries and five years, lol.

Bowie - "Five Years"

Beatles - "Birthday" - Edited - OK, not The Beatles, just Paul and friends

LRB - "Happy Anniversary"

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morning/evening, this is NOT music but immediately came to me when i saw your link above.

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Well, it did have music in the background, I'll allow it ;)

Brian @Condobloke I can see it on youtube but not here.
An oldie I can't get out of my head


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