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10 years old......yes 10 !!!!

and a young guy in the audience....I think he fell in love at this instant


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Brian, I adored Tom's song prior to your Post.


But THAT was effing amazing !!!!

I am going to have Elaine sit down to watch that tomorrow.

I am used to hearing that from Pavarotti and the likes, but from a 10-year-old girl???

1972 was a seminal year for me - I was progressing from having only the money to buy a vinyl "single" with two songs on it, to buying the long playing albums - LPs

British progressive rock group Yes were high on my radar, and I went from buying this single, in 1971 to getting the album The Yes Album, featuring Your Move in 1972.

... and more of that wonderful art work, Tom, from Roger Dean, who designed many of their covers.

He also used to do the covers for Uriah Heep (Demons & Wizard's and Magician's Birthday) and Osibisa. :)

@poorguy I remember Johnny Rivers Secret Agent Man when it was released I was 14 and in High School.
I also liked Linda Ronstadt but never heard of Mountain.
@Condobloke Ah! The plumber from the 'Gong. Even Mum and Dad liked his songs especially "Sadie the Cleaning Lady"

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