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Another good Aussie rocker I see @Condobloke.
Not only that but a very talented artist in other fields of entertainment as well.
I met Jon, many years ago. He was a a genuinely nice bloke. As down to earth as they come.
One of the most gifted guitarists since Hendrix, IMO, is Australia's Tommy Emmanuel.

Enjoy "Classical Gas"

1976 through 1982 we were treated with a proliferation of West Coast Rock-style groups serving us their treats ... groups like Boston, Kansas, Asia, Toto and the like.

Here's a couple from Kansas, one rock, one ballad.

"Carry on, Wayward Son" and "Dust In The Wind".


And just to cement the fact that not all rock bands have the 'touchy, feely' approach/attitude....and are in fact horrible people.
Vale, Marie. December 11, 2019...,aged just 61
The voice of an angel.

Heading for that annual festival, time to rev it up a little.

This song is not exactly full of good cheer, but I find it hauntingly beautiful, and a reminder that for some this time of year is a misery.

Jethro Tull Christmas Song from their 1972 double LP "LIving in the Past"

I am going to be featuring a large amount of rock, and there is a blurry definition between Pop and Soft Rock, but I am sure we can accommodate all tastes.

I'll start this off with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), joined by Nash and Crosby of Crosby Stills Nash & Young


Was that a track from "dark Side of the Moon, or Wish you were here - can't remember"?
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