Post a screenshot of your Desktop

A wintery desktop for now. Just about time to change to something more vibrant for spring! :)
Screenshot from 2019-04-03 21-31-03.png

Try to guess the distro! :D

Now fair go, Rado ... I am 61 :)

But that lady makes me




Quake ;)

So I can't concentrate on the Distro.

Beautiful colours, and nice Conky - welcome to Mitchell :)

Chris Turner
Figured it was time to refresh my desktop wallpaper from a winter theme to something a little more 'summery'.
I saw this on a Dedoimedo blog post reviewing his Slimbook with Kubuntu on it.
I rather liked it so I did a reverse image search and found it on a wallpaper site - unfortunately I don't recall the site.
As you can tell - I don't like stuff on my desktop. Not even Conky although I find it fascinating :confused:
I wonder if I should use a 'dock' or a 'plank'? hmmm......
This just a standard wallpaper on the slideshow with ArcoLinux 19.02.4 Xfce that I am trying, quite like it.

My ever-present Timeshift icon is there, the monochrome icon does not grab me, but at least they have an icon for it (might put a touch of red in it).


Here is one I am considering for a desktop

Any ideas, yea or nay? Perhaps for Kali?:D:D I wonder if he is using Linux on his laptops, etc.

P.S I guess that this wizard needs Timeshift, eh?:eek:
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My MX Linux Desktop. I've kept the same look and feel in my windows 10 VM (I painted over the bottom right screen of my Win 10 VM screenshot as there is personal info :)


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