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Thought so


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You're playing Endless Sky on Fedora?
From to time, but also 0ad, boswars, Maelstrom, alienarena, supertuxkart, xmoto, armacycles, brutalchess, and good ole mahjongg.

I have been able to run most of the Blizzard games (starCraft, warCraft, etc) ... under wine.

I haven't been quite able to get gnuboy-x and zboy to run right. (I suspect this is user error)
They load up OK, but I haven't figured out how to load the games.

Running the nVidia geForce drivers are problematic on wayland, so if I'm going for graphics intensive,
I usually go back to Xorg.


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OK, seeing as we're starting from scratch with the new - I figured we may as well resurrect this classic thread in the Desktop section..... Simply post a screenshot of your Desktop!

Here's my current desktop - dwm running on Debian testing, with a fairly vanilla conky config:
View attachment 4 NOTE: Normally I have the top-bar hidden - I don't like too many GUI things getting in the way and wasting valuable screen-space. I just made the top-bar visible for the screenshot, so you could see the whole thing.

As the floating heads in Rick and Morty said:
"Show me what you've got!"
It's not that I'm mocking you with your Post, it's the reference to Rick and Morty and their humor!.... :D But anyway, great Desktop!!..... :D


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Well, since you asked Jas..... :3 Hey, did you know that if you have an old Windows XP disc, you can straight up copy 3D Pinball off it.....? :3 And what's more, it runs FLAWLESSLY in WINE..... :3 And also too, no, this is not Windows Vista, but I liked Vista's UI, so..... :3 Oh, and Guake is configured with the Pencil theme..... :D Reminds me of Wipeout Fury, for the PSP..... :>


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