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Sep 5, 2023
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So I'm new to Linux and the usage of any terminal. I did some research and from that decided Kali Linux was what I should use. Obviously being stubborn and naive, I just kept on going. I wanted to spy on my friends and roommates through bluetooth connectivity. Entered and installed a bunch of packets and programs. So at this point because I don't know wtf I'm doing. Are the packets or programs automatically installed on to my phone after typing [y] or [yes]? Or do I further still need to extract them from a file from Linux? Very confused on this. If they are is there anyway to delete and only delete all of which I've downloaded thus far? If they aren't I'd like to definitely delete them then and start from scratch.

NOOB in need of some help..

Normally bluetooth is encrypted by default. So even if you collect the data, it's unlikely you could read it.
Linux doesn't install anything to your cell phone. It doesn't even have permission to copy anything to your
cell phone unless you explicitly give it permission.

It is possible mount the storage on your cell phone as a writable drive under Linux, so it's possible an application
wrote data to there, however doing this takes some advanced knowledge of how to mount drives, so it doesn't
sound like something you did on your own.

This really isn't a cell phone forum, we pretty much stick to Linux, so deleting files from your cell phone
might be better asked in a different Forum.

MMS messages are also usually encrypted, but SMS( text ) messages typically are not. Viewing wifi data
is typically easier than bluetooth. Bluetooth pairs with devices individually, but Wifi uses the same password
and encryption for everyone on the network.
I downloaded UserLAnd from my Android device. Does that make any difference?
So I'm new to Linux and the usage of any terminal. I did some research and from that decided Kali Linux was what I should use.
WRONG.. Kali is NOT for beginners, you need to be Linux experienced and fully competent using the terminal.

Please read the Kali notes [link on the kali download page] also read first two post in the Kali forum
What on EARTH makes you think we would endorse your spying on other people? This forum is to help people with Linux problems for normal, day-to-day browsing, or office stuff, or coding, etc, etc.

Kali is for professional systems auditors, who have plenty of experience and know exactly what they're doing. AFAIK, most Linux general fora will give you the same response, and will NOT approve of anyone attempting to use it for nefarious purposes.

You certainly won't get any help with this here.

Mike. :mad:
We helping here someone with admitted unethical intentions, you have to consider
No. Just no. We're not going to help you break the law. We're not going to help you spy on people.

Thread locked.

Seriously? You thought this was an appropriate question and that this was the appropriate place to ask it?!?

Ah well... Good luck with your legal endeavors, but we're not going to be helping you with this problem.
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