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  1. Tytenn

    New & Confused

    So I'm new to Linux and the usage of any terminal. I did some research and from that decided Kali Linux was what I should use. Obviously being stubborn and naive, I just kept on going. I wanted to spy on my friends and roommates through bluetooth connectivity. Entered and installed a bunch of...
  2. M

    How (and specifically from where) to prune Timeshift backups of large unwanted items (e.g., 400GB Steam folders)?

    As Timeshift (which is the only reason I can still use Arch with my limited expertise) doesn't allow you to specify folders or subvolumes to exclude, I run into the problem of an 80GB Steam download effectively becoming 160GB or so once it's backed up. I can always re-download a game, but this...
  3. jeremyy44

    Mysql error!

    Hi I keep getting this error while trying to either configure or even remove mysql-server-8.0 and cant seem to find anything online to help. Even when I do 'sudo apt autoremove -y' I keep getting this error nothing seems to work. Setting up mysql-server-8.0 (8.0.22-0ubuntu0.20.04.3) ... Failed...