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Frank Ifield.....

Frank Ifield was a household name with multiple hits in the UK when he was asked by manager Brian Epstein about finding a spot on his tour for a band from Liverpool.

"He said, 'And I would very much like if my group could go on your tour with you. Because they've had no experience outside of Liverpool and would you put them on the tour?'," Ifield recalled in a 2005 interview.

"And I said, 'Well, who are you talking about?' He said, 'Well it's a new group, called The Beatles'."

The Beatles were booked as his support act in 1962, which helped launch the band into super stardom.

Here's The Brooklyn Duo again, this time with the Dover Quartet, and presenting another Coldplay number, "Fix You"

Just adding this before I crash for the night...

2 years ago I started my life over and my life has been filled with stress, drama, set backs. Some of it was scary, but I never gave up. I knew there was something good for me on the other side. Tonight I still have a lot of work ahead, but I feel peaceful and content.

At last, I'm home. I have me again. All of me.


Thank you. Thank you so very much. Let me explain.

It all began last year.

I'm not a song writer. Even so, melodies pop into my head usually accompanied by ridiculous lyrics.I forget most of them. The one for my soul-mate Siamese cat Ben... His song is here to stay.

He's my big brown balled blue-eyed baby Ben.
Oh my God where have you been.
All my life lookin' for a friend,
You're my big brown balled blue-eyed baby Ben.

So last year I was in the middle of that contentious divorce. I represented myself. I didn't get one bit of the marital estate. I should have received 50%. With an attorney and especially considering #4's behavior, I'm sure I would have been awarded more than that. But that wasn't what I counter-sued for. I sued for my self respect, self worth and dignity. I refused to allow him to abuse me one time and throw me in the trash as he walked out the door! He may taken everything with him, but he did not win in court.

He has his own song.

Get a good look as I turn and walk away
You'll never find another lover like me.
No one to hold you up when your down.
No one who understands your moods.

No one to sing sweat lullabies.
No Mr Mustard or Polythene Pam
No Sun King or Long and Winding Roads


More or less, that's how it goes.

My divorce was final last August. That part of my life is over. I'm done with it. It's the past. I've moved on! I won.

But damn it, I can't get that melody of my head! No matter what I do, it's still there. It's he first thing I hear in the morning and the last thing I hear at night.

I tried running.
I tried hiding.
I tried drowning it out with other music, but the melody is louder.
During conversations, when I'm trying to figure out something, playing games that require all of my mind, all of my focus and attention.
I even moved to a different state.


Until last night. And that's where you come in @Condobloke and this is why I'm so grateful to you.

For the first time in an entire year and possibly more, I did not hear that melody when I fell asleep last night. It was not the first thing I heard when I woke up this morning and it's not the melody I heard in my head while got ready for the day.

Today I woke up to Cotton Picken Kids playing 'I'll Fly Away' and that's what I heard myself singing when it occurred to me that I'm finally free.

Thank you!
My pleasure.

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