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If we are on to sloppy songs, this is one of my all-time favourites from one of the best femail singers of the last 100 years [my opinion]


I lost friends who served in 'nam.
This reminds of those departed souls.

If you need calm.....Listen

people berate todays kids for being lazy layabouts, lacking motivation, etc etc


Mantovani.....Fly Me to the Moon....(go to youtube)

He was a gentle man, a polite and quiet man, until he walked on a stage and let loose a voice that shook the world! Springsteen wanted to sing like him and Presley called him the greatest singer in the world. He headlined tours with opening acts such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones as support. His influence as a singer and as a song writer can be heard in their songs. The Orbison influence can also be found in the music of the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, U2, Neil Young, and a myriad of underlings right across the spectre of music from country to punk rock and beyond.

It's the weekend, so here is "Hymn For The Weekend", a piece of Coldplay arranged by the performers


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