Come join us on YouTube Thursday 4/21 @8pm EDT

Ta (pronounced tar, Aussie for thank you) Rob, that will be 10am Thursday my time, I'll try to be there. :)

Going to try and do a weekly live stream featuring different topics that Linux users may be interested in. Check it out tomorrow, Wednesday 4/20 at 8pm EDT:
No Odyssey?:(
I think that's about 2 am here, this old wizard will be away in the land of Nod
5:30 am here
I am unlikely to join in that time:( and Please don't delete the live stream after it is over, so I can watch it later :D
I make no such guarantees, but I'll see if I can peek in for a bit.
LOL I saw the title in my reply queue and was pretty sure that the day had changed.

Glad it wasn't a figment of my imagination.

I might be a bit celebratory tomorrow - as 22.04 should drop officially tomorrow.
Morning all ... I got there at 20 past, and only got the last 5 - 10 minutes but looked good (Elaine in hospital, keeping me busy, but she should be home today).

Will schedule for a few minutes before on my phone and be there in future weeks, I hope. :)


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