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  1. Rob

    Create mini Linux servers using the Odroid C2

    If you're into trying out various distributions or enjoy having various Linux 'servers' to ssh into and play around with, then you should get started with single-board computers. They're cheap, robust and fun. This quick tutorial focuses on the Odroid c2. The features vastly outweigh what's...
  2. Rob

    Install xfce in Ubuntu 17.04 (and earlier)

    For those w/ Ubuntu 17.04 (and earlier versions of Ubuntu), install xfce easily with: Open a terminal and type: sudo apt update sudo apt install xfce4 Top/Right in Unity, click the gear, then 'logout' When logging back in, click the right-arrow next to your name and choose 'xfce session'...
  3. C

    Help with SMTP server

    I have a an Ubuntu 16.04 that a customer has built. They went ahead and installed mailutils using apt-get. They set up the domain, and can send emails to any domain but the domain the specified during the install. When I looked at this it appears that the emails never left the server. What do I...
  4. A

    why eth1 with auto dhcp disturbs pppoe over eth0

    Hi, I use ubuntu 16.04 desktop with ufw (default setup + 22, 80, 443 ports open). I connect directly to ISP using pppoe over eth0. I also have eth1 which when disabled the websites are accessible in browser. When starting eth1 with auto dhcp the websites are no longer accessible in browser...
  5. J

    Hp Stream, becomming secure boot Ubuntu'ized

    I just received this laptop for x-mas. I feel unbuntu would make this scream, having 4gb ram, a dual Celeron processor. Dual boot is not an option with 32gb internal flash drive. Could someone please point me in the direction of a how to, or instruct me how to make this secure boot once I...
  6. I

    How fix corrupted sections on file system?

    Dear Forum Users, I recently start learning OS Linux and I have few question about corrupted sections on file system. I would be grateful if you could help me. My case next: 1. I deployed VM Linux Ubuntu (version 14, x32 bit) through vagrant on VirtualBox. OS work correct. 2. I found...
  7. V

    Updating and upgrading friends GNU/Linux system without internet

    Updating and upgrading friends GNU/Linux system without internet If you ever get stuck in a situation where you have to update / upgrade a system or server but you can not plug it directly to the network then here is easy solution for this problem. just follow these steps:- First Insert...
  8. K

    Re: Do not use Ubuntu !!!

    A post titled "Do not use Ubuntu !!!" on the Linux org forums has attracted much attention. I would like to add the following reasons why I don't install or recommend Ubuntu. Canonical has recently went into a partnership with Microsoft to run Ubuntu apps on the Windows 10 operating system...