Manjaro or Ubuntu?

Sep 27, 2018
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Hello. I'm a new guy to Linux, and for the past few weeks was trying out different distros to pick one which is best for me. I'm thinking of switching to Linux permenantly. In the end I'm stuck between 2 distros. Manjaro and Ubuntu. I like Manjaro for rolling release model and the AUR and Ubuntu for the big community and stability. Which one of the 2 distros do you think is best for me?

Both are suitable! ;) Which one do you prefer? :D

Use one for a while. Try it. If it turns out not to be what you want then change it.
A Rolling Release is not always a magical thing. Have a look at

If you look at Debian itself only Sid/Unstable is Rolling BUT it will break and people have you take specific measures to prevent that and use Backup

Ubuntu is not a Rolling Release. I believe it can be made Rolling, but again it risks breaking.
Why not use both, if you have the space? You can always blow one away later if you decide in favour of the other. :). Makes a good playing field for making comparisons.

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, bowed over with the weight of Linux Distros on his shoulders, a burden he carries willingly)

G'day @GardenData61371 .

If you have 40 - 80 GB to spare on an HDD, you can easily install 2 - 3 Linux, even if it is multibooting with Windows.

Sing out if you are interested, and ask any questions.


Hello GardenData61371,

I tend to lean to the solid stable LTS versions of Linux.
I'm a Ubuntu LTS fan and use the different buntu distros.

I like the tried and proven stability of the older software that has most if not all of the bugs stomped out and removed.

Manjaro is a good Linux Distro and if kept updated runs without problems and does have the newest software.

New software isn't always best as it may not have all of the bugs stomped out and removed so may have issues sometimes.

Rolling releases do tend to have problems after new updates although if wanting to learn than rolling releases can be a good educator.

Both Ubuntu and Manjaro have good informative resources and documentation available.

Between the given choices I'd either do as the Wizard suggested in post #5 or use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or one of the buntu flavors which are all excellent imo.

After all Linux is about choice and offers many.

poorguy :)

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