Ubuntu Crashes in Battery Mode


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Jan 21, 2019
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I have a few serious issues with my Ubuntu installation, all of them only when working with the battery. I have dual boot between W10 and Ubuntu 18.04 lts, and both of them work perfectly when charging, but once using battery only UBUNTU is the only one who doesn't work! The problems:

1) Random Blinking; 2) Crashes/Frozen WHITE screen after unlocking my session or recovering from suspension mode; 3) The scariest one: Random sounds of electrical shocks, equal to the sound of a hard reset shutdown! 4) More recently whenever I tried to reboot my PC it asks my password and it unlocks to the desktop but just for a few seconds before freezing!

To prove my idea I tried to reboot my PC and each time after my password Desktop ends up freezing. To restart I use de alt+sysqr+ reisub shortcut but I end up freezing again. BUT at the moment that I turn the power adapter on it goes smooth! In some crash/freezing situation, my PC goes to a command screen (picture below) before going to the password unlock screen again and crashing definitely.



I really don't want to re install UBUNTU before exploring all sugestions. I already tried with a live Cd I ran the try Ubuntu, and I was able to initiate and work (both battery mode and plug in), the problem was that every time that I tried to reboot, log out or shut down all my attempts resulted in a crash/freeze. I ran Gparted to check for partition problems and nothing was found.

I would appreciate more suggestions.

Hint: A few days ago I installed preload, tlp and cpufreq. But I had everything associated with them removed(I think)

Specs: SO: Ubuntu 18.04 lts

PC: MSI GE62 Apache Pro IntelCore I7 NVidea GTX960m
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The first thing I'd try is to boot up using a live CD, in battery mode. This will let you know if it's something wrong with your installation vs a hardware issue. Also while you're booted up to the live CD, do a hard drive scan using Gparted. A hard drive issue wouldn't show up booted to the live CD.
Hi @TechnoJunky , thank for the suggestion.
I did what you said, and I was able to initiate from live cd, but once open, every time I tried to log out, reboot or to shutdown, it automatically freezes.
I did a scan with Gparted too, and no error where show.
It's a very serious problem, is not letting me work, I would appreciate more suggestions.
In your first message you stated that the freezing occurred just after logging in. In this last message, it sounded like you could go in and do all sorts of things and it would only freeze during log out. I too always have a freezing issue when I log out of a Ubuntu based system (but only started when I bought this laptop), when I use the default Nouveau driver. So after each fresh install of Linux, the first thing I do is go and switch to the Nvidia driver for this computer and that freezing stops. Unfortunately, the freezing only stops after I reboot, which freezes one last time. All subsequent boot ups will use the Nvidia driver and I don't experience the freeze anymore. However, you can't do this using the live CD, because it doesn't remember the driver change after rebooting. The main thing I find here is that there's no freezing until you reboot, which means that the hardware seems to be working fine and the issue is the OS. I don't know what others would suggest next. You may want to wait and see what they say first. I would probably go and do a new install myself. This would save a lot of time not having to continue troubleshooting the issue. With that being said, I have a lot of time saving stuff setup for fresh installs. I have a script I run during every new setup, so I don't have to remember all the different apps and libraries that need to be installed. I also have a persistent home drive partition that I never reformat. So when I say that I'd just reinstall, it's because of this. If I didn't do that, I might not be so quick to say reinstall :) .
@TechnoJunky I see what you mean, but since I had a lot of work to achieve this point I will rather wait for more suggestions. But I appreciate your help. ;)
@TechnoJunky I have to correct my observation because it wasn't making sense I decided to try again the live cd test, and I saw that the crashes also happen when plug in.
If it crashes plugged in, crashed running on battery, crashes booted to the hard drive and also crashes when booted to a live CD, then I would think it's gotta be a hardware issue. A few months ago my desktop computer would just spontaneously crash like that. It started out that maybe once a day, then it seemed to do it right after logging in. Turned out the power supply was dying. I originally suspected memory because I'd seen that before too. I'm sure you can find some sort of memory scanner for free. I thought I remembered seeing that as a boot option, but if it was, it was some other distro than what I have. I just rebooted to see and it's not there.
Try disabling 'suspension mode'....and any other power saving setting you may have enabled.
Tried it with a USB stick?

""Try disabling 'suspension mode'....and any other power saving setting you may have enabled."".....??
Thx @wizardfromoz , so I recently started having pci troubleshooting when crashing:
And I thinks the answer to the problem is in here but I can't do much with this information.
I tried again the Ubuntu usb test, and I mount it in Ubuntu and windows, and in both cases I wasn't able to try Ubuntu, the first time it frozen, and the second one it crashed.
In both times I tried the check for disk error, and it got stuck/freeze in ./boot/grub/x86_64-efi/part-gpt-mas:OK

I'm starting to think that the only option is to do the dual boot all over again... :(
Hello Guys, again, well I did a clean install of my dual boot between Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04, and I did just install the basic, and once again itś working smoothly, but the problem appears when I disconnect my charger from my computer:
i) If I'm working in Ubuntu, and I disconnect my charger it eventually crashes after a few seconds maybe a minute.
ii) If I try to turn on my computer without my power adapter, it gets stuck in a loop in the user authentication page, or it simply crashes.

I don't have this problem with the windows installation neither have this problem with live cd Ubuntu.

Please can someone give me a hint.
I tried already to disable all power savings options, suspension options,...
have you read this ?

13. Disable automatic suspend for laptops
Ubuntu 18.04 comes with a new automatic suspend feature for laptops. If the system is running on battery and is inactive for 20 minutes, it will go in suspend mode.

I understand that the intention is to save battery life but it is an inconvenience as well. You can’t keep the power plugged in all the time because it’s not good for the battery life. And you may need the system to be running even when you are not using it.

Thankfully, you can change this behavior. Go to System Settings -> Power. Under Suspend & Power Button section, either turn off the Automatic Suspend option or extend its time period.


I do realise it does not fit your circumstances exactly....but try it anyway.

This problem definitely has to do with the power settings in ubuntu, I think...otherwise it would also affect windows and it wopuld also effect the live version.
....and he installation of this may fix that problem as well. The tool comes with a default configuration already optimized for battery life.

just run it without altering it in any way.
Hello @Condobloke I already tried that (unable suspension mode and Tlt), I also tried the grub parameters pci=nomsi and pci=noaer, because I found this as the solution for a lot of issues similar to mine, but unfortunately not for me...
After one of the many crashes I had this:

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