I found Internet again!


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Hey there,

Since not having a consistent internet connection or life connection since I was 16 (turning 26 in the summer), I am new to this whole being connected to the universe thing..

I am happy and turning over a new leaf.

Sometimes(often) it happens that I have been broke, and I am grateful everyone gives me their electronics they don't use because I can make them better.

I feel I missed a lot of things, but I'm good at catching up. I finally found my passion after all these years, and now I get to go back to school which I feel very privileged about.

I grew up with a rolly-ball computer mouse, and robotics learning C++ in elementary school. My uncle give me electronics, with notes attached such as how to install Ubuntu. My parents did programming and data analytics, so I'm following right along and taking somatic and software engineering in school after I bump up my marks.

Though I don't know much, I love learning and talking about fun things with people who are passionate about it and I hope I can make a friend.

Is anyone out there? :)



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G'day Jaimie, and Welcome to Linux.org

You will find many friends here....mainly older than you , and some closer to you in age.....but ALL young at heart

Hang in there, kiddo...we've got your back !


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G'day Jaimie, another Aussie, and another welcome to our new Commonwealth friend :)

Chris Turner

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Hello Jaimie, and welcome to Linux.org! You will find lots of friendly, and helpful people here, both young and old.


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Helloo!! Hooray! :)

Thanks for communicating! I enrolled in some more MOOC courses today, free and online! I'm so happy to be learning.

If this is better said somewhere else- please point me in a good direction!

I'm taking:
-Introduction to Algebra
-Essential Math for Machine Learning: Python Edition
-Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Structures
-Basic Analytical Chemistry

Also, I'm programming my computer but I've put it on pause because I realise I need help. I started programming from the base account, which I thought was a mistake- but turns out this makes the structure stronger possibly.

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