1. B

    I'm the dummy who got a chromebook thinking "I'll never need to install anything! I'm just wanna watch netflix."

    I hate computer stuff. Please help me. I'm an English major. "Computer Science" is beyond me in every conceivable capacity. Anyway, I need to install Audacity on my Chromebook 14. I've read this :
  2. Jaimie

    I found Internet again!

    Hey there, Since not having a consistent internet connection or life connection since I was 16 (turning 26 in the summer), I am new to this whole being connected to the universe thing.. I am happy and turning over a new leaf. Sometimes(often) it happens that I have been broke, and I am...
  3. shipthepilot

    how much ram?

    hi! I am new with linux. but I was wondering if 2 GB of ram is good to run Ubuntu on a laptop. Thanks!
  4. xD1G0x

    I am new here and new in Linux.

    Hello, it's me, xD1G0x, I am new in Forums and in Linux too. I don't have any Linux OS yet, but I'm thinking about having one. So, I have a question for you: Can I run Linux on my Laptop and which one? I know, you can't answer to this question until I post information about my Computer. So here...
  5. G

    Just Arrived...

    Hi, I'm from Spain and I'm going into programming and, although I'm not new in Linux, I'm eager to adquire some solid foundations in programming and get used to Linux, so I can make my main SO. Hello to everyone!
  6. C

    Hello there!

    I am Caloxeno, an new Linux Mint user from Argentina :) I joined because I am having a problem, and I am making a thread about it really soon (Maybe some minutes after writing this) I used to have Windows 10, but I decided to switch to Linux because my Windows worked really bad (It was my...