I'm the dummy who got a chromebook thinking "I'll never need to install anything! I'm just wanna watch netflix."


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Apr 7, 2020
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I hate computer stuff.
Please help me.

I'm an English major. "Computer Science" is beyond me in every conceivable capacity.
Anyway, I need to install Audacity on my Chromebook 14.
I've read this : https://www.howtogeek.com/162120/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-your-chromebook-with-crouton/

Got Crouton up and running but I could not get a browser open, much less install Audacity. I got frustrated and started over, trying instead to go the WINE route. I did not get nearly as far.

I've also gone through my settings (as seen in the attached screencap) and allowed "Linux (beta)". Do I still need to download and get up and running another version of Linux? Do I need Ubuntu too? Are they secretly the same thing? 'Cause it seems to me that they're both operating systems but based on the context of some things I've read that doesn't seem quite right.

At this point I have a vague understanding of the Terminal and basic commands but I'm just really tired at this point. There are way too many options and none of them stand out as more appealing because I have absolutely no clue how to implement any of them.

Really any help would be greatly appreciated, even if you just point me in the direction of someone else.

Thanks guys,


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