sound issues

  1. D

    Microphone not recording input

    Hi, I am new to linux and i recently installed parrot home. When i record my screen, the sound from the microphone is some scratchy, crackling sound. The output audio works though. And i have changed the alsa config, and installed pavucontrol. This is the output when i run alsamixer:
  2. 6

    Help with alsa-pulse audio(arcolinux)No sound

    Hello everyone.i know this is not a new problem but everybodys solution is different depending on hardware-software.So yesterday i downloaded arco linuxl (pulseaudio not pipewire).I had no sound at first.I ve encountered this problem before with my razer headset and i knew a little trick that...
  3. sayanarijit

    Manjaro sound quality on Lenovo?

    Hi, I have been using IdeaPad slim 3 14' with AMD Ryzen 7. Ever since I installed Manjaro, the internal speaker volume got very low. I can't hear someone speaking without using external speakers. Is anyone facing the same issue? How do you fix/workaround this?
  4. A

    MIc issue; Noise; No Headset Input

    Hey guys! I'm facing this problem from quite a lot of time, this is not a pop os specific issue but if anyone could help me, it would mean a lot! So the issue is.. My internal microphone causes disturbance. For ex i was on a zoom meet so the other person told me that your voice is not clear or...
  5. 5

    No Sound Modules After Kernel Update

    Hello there, I updated the Linux kernel from 5.4.12 to 5.4.13, after the kernel update, the sound drivers stopped working, because they are no sound modules installed. The operating system I'm on is Slackware 15(current). Is there any way to solve this?
  6. J

    No Sound Problem...

    Hello guys.. Soo iam new here and i came up whit a sound problem... Which is that when me speakers is turned on i cant hear any sound , plz help me...
  7. blackneos940

    Help With Getting Laptop Mic To Work :3

    The Laptop in question is an HP 15-bs212wm, and the Mic works fine under Windows..... :\ Anywho, here's the output of lspci: hp-laptop-15-bs212wm description: Notebook product: HP Laptop 15-bs2xx (3TT16UA#ABA) vendor: HP version: Type1ProductConfigId serial: CND815512F...