1. K

    First time on Linux, I need someone to guide me

    Hello everyone! I'm thinking on switching from Windows 10 to Linux, because Windows 10 is garbage with the new Ryzen processors (it works, but the OS can't really handle the multi-cores and it's really inefficient, half of the time the cores are processing the information, the cores are moving...
  2. blackneos940

    How Do I Backup My Xubuntu (Or Any Linux )Install To An Image File?

    Hellooo..... :3 So I get the general idea..... I can use DD, Brasero, etc., but I wanna' use DD..... :3 The goal is to create an image of Xubuntu on my ASUS X205TA to the Hard Drive on a Server me and a friend have..... That way, we can access Files without turning this Netbook into...
  3. G

    File Permission of The Sh Files

    I have a Directory where a lot of bash script or sh file exist. I want to change their permission to the 770 with the chmod command. How can i accomplish that? Thanks.
  4. V

    Tools for code development

    Dear Linux, I want to make my code as looks good for that I want to do space allocation and variable decleartion, etc Please provide the Linux tool which is better for code developement means allocation of space within 80 Regards, VinothS
  5. blackneos940

    Using My Old ASUS X205TA As A Pseudo-Chromebook

    So I tried not using smileys in the question title like I usually do to help people when they search on the Interwebz..... :3 Anywho, if you look the specs up, you'll find that this Laptop is best used with either a BSD Distro, or some Linux Distro..... So I went with Xubuntu..... :3 I...
  6. L

    Video performance in Linux

    Hi everyone, I'm kinda new here, so sorry if the post is not correct with the rules (I'll correct it if something is wrong). So here is my problem, I've been using a dual boot Linux/Windows for several years now but I've never been able to have a consistent good graphical performance in Linux...
  7. A

    Boot screen freezes, no help with so far

    Hi guys, I've been using Linux for a while and recently bought a new laptop. So the thing is that my new laptop has a Nvidia GTX 1050 Max-Q secondary graphic card. So I faced exactly the same issue with both Parrot OS and Kali Linux. I will start with Parrot OS. I would like to add that both...
  8. J

    Safe to install systemd system and service manager

    I am a novice user and my system is running well. Is it safe to install systemd system and service manager update ?
  9. M

    Performance/responsiveness loss

    I have a laptop - Acer Aspire 5050 with the following specs: CPU: AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50 GPU: ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 (200M) RAM: 4 GB The problem is that new Linux has significantly lower overall responsiveness and performance compared to an older one. I currently have a fresh installation of...
  10. G

    SCP Escape path

    I want to escaspe spaces while using scp command destination how can I specify the escape sequences.
  11. V

    Struct PCB definition in linux ?

    I want to find struct PCB definition in linux. but i am not able to find it can anyone suggest me from where i get that.
  12. D

    Accent / tilde problem in Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...)

    Hi, I'm spanish, that's why I use accents (or tildes, whatever you want to call them). The problem is that here, for example, I can write accents, but in Word (I used "PlayOnLinux" to install it) it doesn't let me to write accents. ¿Any solutions? I watched this video, but I doesn't understad...
  13. B

    Input sub system button codes

    The input-event-codes.h contains multiple entries for FORWARD key, 1.#define KEY_FORWARD 159 /* AC Forward */ 2. #define KEY_FASTFORWARD 208 3. #define BTN_FORWARD 0x115 Does these codes are intended for different purpose? If yes, What are those?
  14. M

    Starting to feel the Penguin power

    So a short background first and foremost. I've known about linux since highschool (about 10 or so years ago), always liked it but never really used it much... why? Games that's why! I've always liked playing video games (like most people) and many of those which I liked only worked on windows...
  15. G

    How can I find suid files In Linux?

    From security perspective of my linux boxes I want to list suid enabled files with the find command.
  16. T

    Taskbar Tabs Overlapping w/ Panel Tray Icons? (FIXED)

    I customized the taskbar in LXLE and I noticed the tabs in the taskbar overlap with the panel tray icons, can someone help me with this? Here's a picture, I opened up a bunch of programs just to show what happens:
  17. T

    What is your opinion about Russian distributions?

    example: Rosa Linux, Alt Linux, Calculate linux how do you rate these distributions
  18. R

    How can I interface with an SPI device in embedded Linux?

    I am using individual evaluation board(Grmon GR712). I can compile the Linux kernel and build an image file via build-root. I want to access an SPI NAND flash memory, IS37SML01G1 from userspace in Linux. Assuming that the wire configuration for SPI in the evaluation board is OK, How can I...
  19. G

    List Linux KVM VM IP Address ?

    How do I find out an IP address of Linux KVM guest from Linux host itself? I wanted to ssh into KVM guest VM. How can I find the IP address of a KVM Virtual Machine Guest on a CentOS Linux 7.x server?
  20. A

    Linux repository issues

    My task is to retrieve package - bluez - from a repository supporting ARM architecture. Unless it is important to understand this post , I would prefer, for time being, NOT to delve on WHY I am doing this. I would like to ask this forum to help me on specific questions first. I have found...