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Oct 9, 2022
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Hello everyone,
I need some serious help since its been 1 week of failure trying to make my fans controllable on my Debian 11.
My laptop: Acer Nitro 517-51

Sensors-detect only detects this part including fans:
Adapter: PCI adapter
fan1: N/A
temp1: N/A

the full output is attached down below together with my laptops hardware.
ITE IT8712F -> 0x2c -> does this tell us something?

-> My BIOS doesnt have any Fans Settings
-> I have dualboot Win10/Debian. On Win10 no problem at all since I have "NitroSense" to control my fans (cpu and gpu).

If anyone can help me, I would send him a coffee via PayPal.
Thanks :)


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The site (this one) kinda mangled that. Here's the URL I'd read:

Open this link:

(That one shouldn't expand to show the post.)

There are comments like "i selected the AN515-51 config and i can control my fans" which makes me think you can do it by manually selecting the fan control settings. While your model isn't innately recognized, it looks like other profiles may/should work.

You gotta click through into the thread and this site wants to show the question and make the link less obvious. So, copy/paste the link. If it does work, you can give them a cup of coffee or donate it to your local animal shelter.

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