Will Linux replace windows in future?

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Dec 27, 2020
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its because windows comes intalled on most pcs for sale and linux doesnt. Therefore you have to normally make an extra effort to by a computer already with windows on it delete it and install an operating system that may or may not work on your new pc. so most peope understandably stick with the crappy windows it comes with. They never realise the viruse; bloatware; license keys; extra expenses; bad performance; limited functionality are simply features of the bad operating system they have accepted. Its a bit like buying a tv with content only from one movie studio and wondering where it all goes wrong. At one time windows was good but now is a liability but a liability with a huge market share.

Crapindows comes pre-installed only if you buy a pre-built configuration. If you build your computer like me - part by part and assemble it at home, it won't have any Crapindows. When you buy it part by part, the store can't assume what you're gonna do with these parts, so they can't push a Crapindows on you.
Now days you can also just order the parts you want from a computer store and pay a bit extra for them to put it together if you don't like assembling your own hardware.
Nope no money in Linux as a user home base.

People are familiar and comfortable with Windows.

Only a few select users are interested in learning another OS.

Nowadays most folks use their smartphones and or tablets for most everything.

I have no problems or complaints with Microsoft or Windows 10 OS and don't have Windows 11 OS so have no idea how Windows 11 OS is.

Several Linux desktops in the house and two Windows 10 desktops in the house and one Apple Mac all-in-one desktop in the house.

All work without problems and I have no complaints with any of them.

I ain't into any of the OSs company politics that I read about on many if not all Linux forums.
I ain't into any of the OSs company politics that I read about on many if not all Linux forums.

This. I use Linux 'cause I like it. I'm not a zealot and use all sorts of proprietary bits of software. I don't even dislike Microsoft. I also don't care what someone else uses, though I do hope they make an informed choice and decide what they like best. I don't think most folks do that, other than deciding between Apple and Microsoft.

The ironic thing about Linux and Windows is the Linux Foundation needs Microsoft's financial backing and development team to work on the kernel, otherwise Linux ceases to exist. I've mentioned before that Big Tech has been digging it's own grave for years now, and not only will they eventually fall into it, but Linux is going down with them. Had each distro created it's own kernel and OS (similar to the BSDs), there wouldn't be this single point of failure. On top of that, because each distro is so niche, and there's hundreds to choose from, that's another reason why Linux will never become truly mainstream. While there has been some effort to push Linux into the mainstream, each distro will never have the financial backing or popularity to be taken seriously by game development companies, software development companies, hardware manufacturing companies, etc.
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Another thing to consider is companies like Microsoft have a HUGE budget compared to companies like Canonical, and therefore, have the money for advertisers, partnerships with hardware manufacturers, partnerships with software vendors, etc. Unless a distro is created by a megacorporation (who has hands in many pockets), it's not going to receive widespread adoption.
Let us hope Linux never replaces Windows. It's fine if it becomes a dominant OS in the future.
But soon as you become the dominant OS, you are the target... of so many things.
Viruses, Malware, Bloatware, ...
But people want commercial support - which adds cost. So the OS is no longer free.
Also now you have a business based corporation making OS decisions... backdoors,
Preferred software, hard coded browsers, pre-installed software. (MS Office, etc.. )

Given all that... I hope Linux never replaces windows.
I see linux only replacing windows if it offers as much convenience as windows. It would have to be so that the person gaming can have the same set up experience and ease of use as in windows as well as the graphic designer, the animator, the streamer, and so on with their set up experience and ease of use in their daily lives.
I don't relate to Linux replacing Windows. Linux will always be an option for people who want more control over their computing and those that want something that will run on their older hardware.
Windows is made for the masses. Linux is not. Hence, linux in its current form, will never replace windows or macos.
Why do some Linux users want Linux to replace the Windows OS market.
If that ever happens Linux will just become another crummy OS.
Linux ain't perfect but it's okay just where it sits now.
The only thing that can make Linux better is to release base distros only where the user has the base to get started to install only what the user wants and needs.
Antix Linux and Peppermint Linux is a good example of what I'm talking about.
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