Linux and FOSS in schools and public administration


Apr 23, 2022
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Hello everybody :)
I've always wanted and actively tried to promote and spread the adoption of Linux and FLOSS software in schools since we rarely use them in my country. What's your experience with that? Does your school/uni/workplace and public institutions in your country use Linux or some kind of FLOSS software?
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Jan 10, 2021
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I'm from the US. From when I was a kid up until college, every school I went to used Windows because it was the norm. However, ChromeOS is Gentoo with a Google face on it, and if Chromebooks are being used in schools (I don't know because I'm not a parent), that's technically a step in the right direction, especially since Linux software is compatible with it. The problem is the schools don't want to change the distro to standalone Gentoo because they care more about perpetuating groupthink than actual learning (PM about that so this thread doesn't go off-topic or get locked). I know my local library's computers use Windows by default as well, and I've been meaning to talk to them about setting up a LUG there. When I met with my boss one morning where we created a new schedule for me, he briefly complained about how Windows is so slow, and when I mentioned Mint being faster because it's less bloated, he at first seemed interested in trying it, but then lost interest afterward for whatever reason. It seems like trying to convince Windows users to switch to Linux is like Morpheus trying to convince Neo to take the red pill.
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