1. tinfoil-hat

    Bluetooth Audio is bad if input and output is set to my Headset

    Hi, If I only have my Bluetooth headset to output Volume, everything works fine and with good quality (A2DP), but if I turn on both (input and output) the quality of my headset jumps to HSP/HFP, which results in poor audio quality for input and output. Any Ideas on how to troubleshoot? My Cable...
  2. M

    Bluetooth low range issue

    Hello! I'm running Fedora 40 on my Dell Inspiron 7386 and having problems when I connect my mouse Logitech M650 and headset Redragon H848 with Bluetooth. The laptop connects successfully with both devices but has very low range; i.e., I can't move the mouse 15 cm away from the laptop without the...
  3. F

    I cant get Bluetooth to work after a reboot

    Arch Linux KDE plasma - bluetooth works fine if I run sudo systemctl start bluetooth, and sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service, and I get the logo on the taskbar too. However, after a restart if I try to start bluetooth I get the message "bluez daemon is not running, blueman-manager cannot...
  4. P

    bluetooth keyboard

    so, i bought a bluetooth keyboard thats works on windows and macos, but im using the ubuntu 22.04.3 and connect, but does not work, i type and nothing. can someone help me? (i use a bluetooth adapter cause my notebook is old) this is the keyboard...
  5. Sunix Unix

    Solved Bluetooth not working on fedora 38

    Os:Fedora 38 Desktop:Gnome pc: hp pavilion 17 Bluetooth does not work for me when I connect the Linux adapter sees it but it says that it is turned off and I cannot turn it on what to do
  6. W

    Can't activate Bluetooth

    Hey there, I am using Debian 11 (as stated below) on a ASUS A75V Laptop. I have installed Debian on dual-boot besides Windows 10 a few months ago. Using Windows, I am able to activate the Bluetooth port for connecting e.g. with external speakers. However, this is not possible with Debian...
  7. F

    Bluetooth and webcam stop working

    I'm using ASUS Vivobook laptop with Ubuntu 22.04 (5.15.0-58-generic) Sometimes bluetooth and webcam suddenly stop working until the reboot. Sometimes they don't work right after reboot/turning on. Here is what I see in the log right after they stop working: Jan 12 21:49:24 vivobook kernel...
  8. S

    Cannot pair bose quiet comfort 2 earbuds

    OS: Fedora Linux 37 (Workstation Edition) x86_64 Host: Dell XPS 13 9300 I have just bought a pair of `Bose Quiet Comfort 2` earbuds. However, I am unable to pair them with my Fedora 37. I can see them when I go to `settings | bluetooth`. And they show up as `LE-steve-bose`. I click the `Not...
  9. E

    Bluetooth manager doesn't open

    I recently installed Linux Mint 21 on a Toshiba laptop that has a bluetooth connection and now I try to open the bluetooth manager but it closes automatically. Am I skipping a step that I didn't notice? it's my first experience with Linux so I'm sure I'm not knowing much
  10. Y

    Kubuntu bluetooth issue | Dell 3543 | Broadcom 802.11bgn bcm43142

    So, I am using Kubuntu for quite some time. Everything is perfect except the bluetooth. At first, the bluetooth was not working so I did some research and installed the driver BCM43142A0-0a5c-21d7.hcd manually and placed it in location /lib/firmware/brcm/ and rebooted. After that, it detects...
  11. S

    remotely accessing my computer from my android wirelessly

    Hello world, I need to make a connection to my Linux Mint laptop from my Android however because of where I work I do not have fixed Wi-Fi routers or cell phone signal I need the connection to be able to: To remotely control the laptop with GUI Sync files to the laptop such as backups View...
  12. T

    Can't connect to headphones (Kali Linux)

    Greetings, citizens of the free world. Recently I've installed Kali Linux (it was necessary because of the Cyber Security classes I am attending at UCU). But there is one issue I can't resolve on my own. Seemingly, what could be easier than connecting to earphones via Bluetooth? I tried hard to...
  13. K

    [SOLVED ]Bluetooth not pairing, "connection canceled" error

    As I've done before, I shared this in the official Manjaro forums, but to be honest, perhaps a lack of team members, but support isn't what it used to be. I’ve been trying to get a headset working that previously connected as headphones but not as mic, and along the way I ran a system update...
  14. Adithyansm

    Can't connect to Bluetooth

    When I tried to connect my headset to Linux it is telling that: Connection Failed: No audio endpoints registered The Bluetooth service is up and running ? bluetooth.service - Bluetooth service Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)...
  15. A

    hcitools fails after reboot

    After reboot I did try series of "hcitool" commands i have one bluetooth " boom box " actually connected and iphone with Bluetooth activated. Only hcitool dev provided valid data. Am I missing some "initialize hcitool " command ? qe@qe-desktop:~$ hcitool inq Inquiring ... qe@qe-desktop:~$...
  16. G

    <SOLVED> Bluetooth not working on a Toshiba Satellite

    I unistalled blueberry when I first set up linux mint due to it not even being able to detect a speaker. I then installed blueman and everything worked fine until about a week later, when it started getting unreliable. Sometimes it starts up normally upon boot-up and works perfectly fine, but...
  17. B

    Solved: Bluetooth Adapter Is Not Detected

    Hello, I bought a bluetooth usb adapter (Miilink BT501) i tested it in windows so i know it works. When i boot in Linux Mint it is not detected. I go to the default bluetooth app, it looks like it turns on the bluetooth but it does not detect my adapter. I run Linux Mint 20.1 x86_64, Kernel...
  18. P

    Bluetooth Keyboard in Linux

    I bought Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard and with Windows 10 works perfectly. But I installed Linux Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 because I want learn this system. So, in technical specification this Keyboard works only with Windows and MacOS. But i was try connect this device in Ubuntu and works. The...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Cannot connect Wii U Pro controller after an update

    Hi. A couple of months ago, it became impossible to connect via Bluetooth my Wii U Pro controller. I know the issue is caused by an update because, at the time, I tried on another Linux computer and it worked. Then I updated this computer and it stopped working. I use ArchLinux with the kernel...
  20. W

    BlueTooth device(output) and PulseAudio's module-echo-cancel help needed

    Hello, I'm trying to run PulseAudio's 'module-echo cancel' filter on my bluetooth speaker(output only). I've edited /etc/pulse/ like that: .ifexists load-module module-echo-cancel aec_method=webrtc source_name=echocancel sink_name=echocancel1 set-default-source...