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    Bluetooth Problem on Ubuntu 19.04

    Hello!! I have a problem with bluetooth device on my laptop. It worked perfectly on windows 10, but on ubuntu 19.04 it is not able to search devices I have searched and did everything what I found about this topic in internet, but nothing worked.... Do anybody has an idea what I may try?
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    Linux Bluetooth configuration and security

    Hello! I have a bluetooth dongle connected to Ubuntu. How to restrict incoming Bluetooth connections by device class (CoD) ?
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    Implementing bluetooth in C++

    I am lacking some basic understanding of terminology when it comes to implementing Bluetooth. Would it be OK to ask few general questions here ? I am essentially basing my C++ code on "bluez" package - specifically using "hcI " functions. ( I may do d-bus later ) I am trying to make sense...
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    Bluetooth iHome Speaker Problems

    I just left Windows 10 for good and installed Mint 19.0 and am trying to connect my Bluetooth iHome iDBT68. However, whenever I scan for Bluetooth devices, nothing shows up. Any suggestions?