Implementing bluetooth in C++


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Mar 16, 2019
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I am lacking some basic understanding of terminology when it comes to implementing Bluetooth.
Would it be OK to ask few general questions here ?

I am essentially basing my C++ code on "bluez" package - specifically using "hcI " functions.
( I may do d-bus later )
I am trying to make sense of "hci" function "hci_inquiry".
It runs on "host" and It supposedly identifies "remote" Bluetooth "device(s) ".

After many encounters with "host"/ server / client / local / remote and similar terms
I prefer to identify the architecture involved.

The function "hci_inquiry " RUNS on arm hardware and "scans" for Bluetooth devices on X86 hardware.

That sort-of works.
It finds ONE device address and its name.

What I do not understand - where did the Bluetooth device name "jim-desktop" came from?
Yes, I am a user named "jim".

From RTFM - the default "controller name "(?) is supposedly defined in hcid.conf which no longer exists and been replaced by "main,conf".
Main.cong has no visible entries identifying default controller name.
I am stuck.

As far as terminological (?) questions goes
On X86 I have no clue what is "jim_desktop " labeled / called - running Ubuntu.
The only place where such label is used is in "terminal " "[email protected]_desktop"
On arm it is labeled as " host " - running Raspian on arm.
And it shows up on "terminal" - "[email protected]_hostname" , after I changed "host name" to "pi_hostname".

BTW I have been told that Bluetooth term controller / device / adapter are synonymous.
That does not seem correct.
Am I wrong?

I hope I am not asking too stupid questions here.

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