Problems playing audio on Bluetooth Speakers


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Feb 12, 2020
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Hi all!
I've been having trouble getting audio to play from my Linux Laptop (Ubuntu 18) on my Roberts SB1 speakers via Bluetooth.
I've been able to connect to my Bluetooth headphones without issue, and I've had no problems connecting other devices to the speakers, so something is fishy between the two of them.
When I initially connect, there's a split second where the audio plays, then it just stops.
I use blueman manager, 2.0.5.
I'm only able to select the A2DP Sink: AA2 Audio profile, others refuse to connect.

Would appreciate any suggestions, and happy to provide any other details.

Make sure the speaker is not muted and the volume is up. Make sure your Bluetooth® device is playing audio, and the volume is up. Turn off or disable Bluetooth on all other paired devices nearby (including Bose® preferred devices) and reconnect the device you want to hear. Turn the speaker off and back o

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