1. D

    Audio not coming from one speaker

    I have recently installed pop os and today suddenly I am noticing that only my right speaker is playing audio that too is heavier than the original audio. The left speaker is not working on physical hardware as well as my tws buds. I tried alsa and my sound card is being detected. Didn't see any...
  2. G

    Solved Need to get audio and mic working in Lenovo Yoga C940-15IRH with no official Linux support

    Hello Linux Forum Users, Hope you are well. I need to get the audio and also hopefully the microphone working on my Lenovo Yoga C940-15IRH laptop. The laptop was purchased a few years ago, and came with Windows. According to this page: there...
  3. M

    No audio at boot, requires several reboots

    Hi. I have an ASUS Strix Soar sound card, which doesn't output any sound on boot. Not sure if it's detected at all. I have to reboot several times (5-10 times usually) for it to work. I have had this issue on all different Linux distros I've tried. Tried normal Arch install, EndeavourOS (Which...
  4. Mikesew1320

    Ubuntu 22.04 produce noise during video and audio playing

    My PC starts to produce a noise sound like fan rotating but it isn't when I start playing local or online video and audio. I think its related to Realtek High definition audio driver because same happened on windows and fixed it by updating my Realtek High definition audio drivers. I tried to...
  5. L

    Need help with SADES Gaming Armor headphone - Extremely slow playback speed (0.01x) on Manjaro Linux

    hello, I own a SADES Gaming Armor headphone that works flawlessly in Windows but exhibits an unusual problem when connected to my Manjaro Linux system. The audio playback is incredibly slow, almost as if it's playing at a speed of 0.01x. This slow playback speed issue affects both audio and...
  6. B

    Solved VideoStreaming server setup

    Hi! I want to develop a relative small project in an educational environment. Let's say I want to make my own "mini Netflix". What I want to achieve is how to setup a media streaming server setup to deliver audio/video files to clients via streaming. Nothing very complex. Just a PoC to show it...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] Dummy output / No audio after OS update

    Hi everyone, new convert here. Shifted from Windows to Ubuntu 2 months ago, sound was working in the beginning but stopped after a while. I couldn't figure out what was the problem, posted in a lot of detail on AskUubuntu...
  8. L

    Linux Audio Interface Project

    Hello everybody. As getting a full working audio interface for Linux is a hard job I'm interested to see or participate in creating a multichannel (at least 6, but preferable just adaptable) audiointerface in a DIY project. Might be it can be composed out of already existing boards or a...
  9. J

    Sound not working on any Linux distro with Zenbook 14 OLED

    Hello, I recently bought an Asus Zenbook 14 OLED (UX3402ZA) and the speakers are not working at all on any Linux distribution. I've tried openSUSE, Ubuntu (I'm currently running it), Fedora KDE but no dice. Here's some info about my system: uname -a: Linux zenbook 5.15.0-41-generic #44-Ubuntu...
  10. A

    Fresh Arch install in i3-wm: Can't unmute audio

    Hello all, This morning I made a fresh Arch install. I am trying to unmute my audio, but the instructions and the commands I've found on the Arch Wiki for alsamixer and $ amixer sset Master unmute $ amixer sset Speaker unmute $ amixer sset Headphone unmute don't work; the output is bash...
  11. S

    FOSS Audio/Video Synch Software?

    Plural Eyes is a program by Red Giant that quickly and automatically synchronizes audio and video files so when filming you can record high quality audio separately and then combine them. Does anyone know of a Linux Free and Open Source alternative that does this task?
  12. P

    Audio out showing up in mic input

    Edit:I wont we looking or replying to this post. The mods sassiness isnt my cup of tea. This forum isnt for me. Hi, I'm somewhat new to Linux so bare with me please. Every time I record or chat on discord for example I get audio from the desktop. To clarify I dont't hear the desktop, but other...
  13. S

    Microphone Static Noise ALC269VC

    While recording audio there is static noise. Tried with internal microphone and multiple external microphones no luck. Device/Soundcard/ALSA information : What I've tried : Microphone boost and volume options. DMA...
  14. S

    Change Port Output devices

    Straight after I boot my OS (popOS) my audio doesn't work. To make it work I go to go to PulseAudio Volume Control-->Output Device-->Port--> Switch from Line Out (plugged in) to Headphones (unplugged) I have to repeat this process every time I boot up. I haven't got an audio card (just speaker...
  15. N

    [Solved] Pulseaudio randomly switches audio device

    Hi, when I open spotify or open a youtube video, pulseaudio forgets my current audio device and changes it to another one (In most cases the onboard audio. My main headset is connected to an amp over USB). It has worked flawlessly before with that amp. When I deactivate all devices except my...
  16. R

    Problem with transferring media from Android to Xubuntu: LIBMTP error

    Can anyone help me with this problem that is already making me almost give up on linux after a decade ?? I'm already sick of this problem that prevents me from transferring media from my cell phone to the computer and vice versa! Whenever I try to move images, musics or videos it hangs in the...
  17. W

    [SOLVED] Audio problems on Pop! OS.

    New to linux here, switched to Ubuntu then Mint and stuck on Pop! OS because it has all the video drivers pre installed and has some good performance. However, Sometimes the audio gets like 50% quieter and the only solution is to restart the laptop which is a bit annoying to do after a couple of...
  18. S

    Problems playing audio on Bluetooth Speakers

    Hi all! I've been having trouble getting audio to play from my Linux Laptop (Ubuntu 18) on my Roberts SB1 speakers via Bluetooth. I've been able to connect to my Bluetooth headphones without issue, and I've had no problems connecting other devices to the speakers, so something is fishy between...
  19. D

    mass convert flac / ape / wv + cue to fdk with one command???

    Hi, I'm using a debian-based linux. I have many music albums in flac / wv / ape + cue and/or as separate tracks. How do I mass convert all of them to fdk aac (for ex. vbr 3 or 2 or 1) with only one command? Using SoX or maybe ffmpeg (or maybe with fdkaac cmd encoder and something else)?
  20. S

    Tablet PC: Pen-Monitor & Remote Mapping, WINE Pen Pressure & More <partially solved>

    Thread summary: Problem: Output Digital Audio Workstation audio into a virtual input/output to input into other programs solution: These tutorials - &...