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FOSS Audio/Video Synch Software?


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Mar 27, 2022
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Plural Eyes is a program by Red Giant that quickly and automatically synchronizes audio and video files so when filming you can record high quality audio separately and then combine them.

Does anyone know of a Linux Free and Open Source alternative that does this task?

Would openshot work?
I just watched a tutorial of OpenShot on audio synch, and the host manually had to drag and experiment to get it. So either the top youtube search result has a complete idiot, or I would assume, the software doesn't have an automatic feature.

The difference between manually having to do it and taking each clip and experimenting could be hours for a large amount of clips.
. I don't even see linux support
You are so right....I didn't even look !

Will look further afield.

Hopefully there is someone here who has a similar experience as yourself.