1. T

    Can't connect to headphones (Kali Linux)

    Greetings, citizens of the free world. Recently I've installed Kali Linux (it was necessary because of the Cyber Security classes I am attending at UCU). But there is one issue I can't resolve on my own. Seemingly, what could be easier than connecting to earphones via Bluetooth? I tried hard to...
  2. Adithyansm

    Can't connect to Bluetooth

    When I tried to connect my headset to Linux it is telling that: Connection Failed: No audio endpoints registered The Bluetooth service is up and running ? bluetooth.service - Bluetooth service Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)...
  3. S

    Problems playing audio on Bluetooth Speakers

    Hi all! I've been having trouble getting audio to play from my Linux Laptop (Ubuntu 18) on my Roberts SB1 speakers via Bluetooth. I've been able to connect to my Bluetooth headphones without issue, and I've had no problems connecting other devices to the speakers, so something is fishy between...