Flatpak and WhatIP

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Anyone using Linux has an understanding, even a basic one, of installing software. Linux comes with repositories of software for installation. The software is installed using the ‘apt’ command...

Software Management - RHEL/CentOS

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No matter your use for Linux, be it CentOS or Ubuntu, you will need to manage applications and services. I will cover the ways you can manage your software on a CentOS system, the next article...

Create Your Own Linux Installation

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Some of you may want to have an installation media for installing Linux to multiple systems. Sometimes though, the pre-loaded apps may not be your favorite ones to use. In a business...

LFCS – SELinux

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In a previous article, LFCS – How to Recover ROOT Password, I covered some basics on SELinux. In this...

Calibre 5.0 for Linux

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For those who like to read, Calibre is a wonderful program for managing e-books. Calibre will not only allowed to maintain and organize your library of e-books but also perform format conversions...

LFCS - Logging

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System logging is a very important aspect of maintaining a system and monitoring it for issues. Making logs, implementing your items to log and checking those logs can help you keep systems...

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