Understanding and using the alias Command

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Back in the old days of computers, I remember running DOS 3.3. I had a folder named 'batch' that included all the 'shortcuts' to perform commands by a batch file. Of course, the 'batch' folder was...

LFCS - Creating Virtual Machines in KVM

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Now that we have installed the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), if you have not done this then see LFCS...

Python Series Part 4: Flow Control

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In this article, we will discuss the methods of managing the flow of statements in a program. These methods include:
  • If
  • For
  • While
We will also cover two items that are used...

Rescuezilla: System Recovery Tools

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Rescuezilla is a fork of Clonezilla with more ability. You can back up and restore drive and partitions. It is also possible to clone a whole disk, including all partitions, to another disk...

Python Series Part 3: Python Operators

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In the previous article, Python Basics, we hinted at arithmetic operations. These can include basic math functions, comparative features, and others.

We can go over these operators to help...

Plex Media Server

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The Plex Media Server is like a DLNA server, because it shares media from a central location. Plex requires more configuration of the media by placing them in special media folders.

Using Plex...

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