XFCE4 running on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 [ Works fine with Dex ]

Oh, that was in reference to Chromium becoming unusable. It may resolve the issue, it may not. It's just the first step I'd take in debugging the situation. HA not only doesn't work (so disable it in all your browsers, if you want) it also causes sporadic, often random seeming, problems with the host OS - including freezing.
You are right, it fixed the stability issue, but I still have no sound in Chromium. I have sound in Firefox,
VLC, and Parole media Player. Sound works out of the headphone jack, HDMI, and bluetooth. All of the
sound is being handled by Android.
In the terminal, what happens when you run:


If it pops up a screen, root around in there and see if Chromium is muted.
i was able to get into the pavucontrol settings, but I had very few options in there.[Advanced Options was grayed out]. Not like when you run it on a desktop, and since Im on a phone, and vlc routed from android into debian, it doesn't have the option to do it. But Im glad you brought that up, because there are a few options in there that I can use. The audio for the system is handled by andriod, I do know that. Android sends audio over HDMI via DEX, and it also outputs it through the headphone jack, or bluetooth. The volume control can be done in android without switching out of debian, in fact most of the options in the lower bar can be accessed without toggling back to android. I love Dex, especially when combined with the Note 9. It can run anything. Im thinking of trying another OS out soon. I'll post it when I do.
I was able to get XFCE4 running smoothly (not blazing fast). It works perfectly with Samsung Dex, which surprises me.
Nice! I've tried this a few times with no success; install Linux in an android device.
I'm interested in the process. If you get both the time and motivation, could you drop some details about the process(es) you've used so far to get to where you are, like more specifics if you care to share them. I think your post would be of some benefit with more fleshing out.
Yes, I'm interested, too. So please, do share. :)
Oh, so this is like systemd-nspawn https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd-nspawn.html. I just read a bit here https://github.com/AndronixApp/AndronixOrigin and
Andronix uses PRoot. PRoot is a user-space implementation of chroot, mount --bind, and binfmt_misc.
Which is exactly the same systemd-nspawn does on Linux. And this video is quite explanatory on the process:

I've tried a whole different thing; replace android with Linux on an android device; smartphone, tablet ... like I said before, no success so far :(
Install F-Droid from Play Store
Use F-Droid to install Termux and Termux API (You cannot use the play store version of Termux)
Install MultiVNC (because it works with Samsung Dex)
download Andronix ( This will populate your clipboard with all of the code that you'll paste into
Termux) Depending on which Distro, and desktop environment you pick Andronix will automatically
fill your clipboard with the appropriate Command Line code. After you've done that paste it into
Termux and it will take a few minutes to install the Distro. Once its done type " vncserver -localhost "
and this will start the kernel. Open MultiVNC and enter into the IP address and Port: 5901.
This will connect you to the screen where you can type " startxfce4 " to start the desktop environment,
and your running linux on a note 9 and its fast. let me know if you get hung up somewhere. The best way
to start out is debian and XFCE4 to get used to running linux on a Note 9, you can also choose to use
OpenBox if you like or LXDE or whatever. Andronix even customizes their own version of all of these
distros that only cost like $2.

PS You'll need to create a password during the installation process
I've ran almost every distro on this Note 9 with every desktop environment but gnome (but I could run gnome).
There is another product called AnLinux, that will let you run CentOS, OpenSuse, and some other really strange
operating systems too, but I've only ran CentOS and OpenSuse with it. ANDRONIX is much better because it has
6 linux Distros, 3 Desktop Environments, and a few windows mangagers like Openbox,
The AKG Headphones that come with the Galaxy Note 9 have functional buttons on them (volume up/down and a center button that does different things depending on what app your in). It works with standard Android funtions and customized Samsung functions. When I press these three buttons in Debian Linux they do different things. The Volume up/down buttons cycle through the different desktops/workspaces. The center button opens the terminal. Very odd that debian linux would even interprete these headphone jack input signals at all, much less make them function in a manner that makes sense. Anyone have a theory as to why this can happen?
One thing I've noticed that makes a big difference as far as functionality is starting XFCE4 in Termux. Thats how I did it originally, but I forgot how to do it that way, and ended up only being able to start XFCE4 once Ive routed in with MultiVNC. This limits most of the functionality of the distro you are running. Once you start the Kernel you'll need to type < export DISPLAY=":1" > into termux, then you can start XFCE4 in Termux. This gives you more funtionality, including the ability to copy and past between the operating systems, and better control over sound. I am also able to use the volume up/down buttons on my wired headphones to scroll up and down. (don't ask me how thats possible or why). Having XFCE4 running on Termux allows Android to handle a lot of the work, and you get more functionality. I can also run Blender this way.
One thing I have noticed after running this setup exclusively for the last 14 months is that you can copy from debian linux into android(copy/paste), but you cannot paste from Android into Linux. I thought it would be the other way around, but theres another weird on for you. I guess I'm lucky to be able to paste between two OSs that are running simultaneous on the same machine. Let me know what you think.

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