This was over Queensland's Gold Coast a few weeks ago

I've used the same wallpaper for a long time. I use it on pretty much everything and then forget it, 'cause I never really see the wallpaper unless something's wrong/weird.

Lately, for some reason, my wallpaper has been bleeding through on one device. Like, I'll sometimes see my wallpaper while waiting for a browser page to refresh or open. So, I decided to change my wallpaper on that computer.


I didn't stray far. It's still a BMW product (as if the livery didn't give that away).

They have a couple of major challenges coming up. The N24 is this weekend and Le Mans is in June. This being their first year, they didn't hold up all that well at the Daytona 24 hour race - but they've done very well since. So, I'm gonna be optimistic. With like 150 cars starting the N24, I'm sure at least one BMW will be on a class podium!
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