We are Off Topic with mentions of Posts accumulated and so on, to the OP's location here in Desktop/X and I am a guilty party as well with #16.

If anyone wants to discuss Posts numbers, Reaction scores, and so on, I suggest start a Thread in either of Off Topic, or perhaps Forum Assistance if your need is more urgent.

Let's get back to wallpapers and I will drum up a few.



D&D Wallpapers because I've been a fan since I was a kid. We switched to MUDs in the early 90s when we no longer lived in the same neighborhood. Though, technology has reached the point that we now play together again online using Foundry VTT even though we all live all over the country now.
I used to like to find the folder containing the desktop wallpapers of the various Linux distro .iso's I would download and try. Often times there would be one or two real nice 'keepers' in there :)
you can use this any way you like

https://ibb.co/Zgj5hCw[/URL] "]
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Hey Maarten with #39, did you get that from somewhere or write it yourself, it is legend?

It ticks a whole lot of my boxes. :)