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Storage for files and Media server


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Mar 2, 2019
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Hello, I am newbie at server stuff. Thanks for any help and tips.

I am trying to dive into all Linux software. Currently using ElementaryOS on my laptop as desktop os.

My idea is to store movies/pictures/music/videos etc. media in one place and stream/play its content from Smart TV client. Would it be possible to watch IPTV from Smart TV client? For example some kind of sports FHD/HD events. Which are the best apps for server and for client? I was interested in Kodi, as it helps me to filter movies, get descriptions, ratings and see the list of movies, which I have already seen. But it doesn't support app for my smart TV.

Then I would like to store my files/documents at home and be able to remote access them securely in any time.

Where I should start? Which are the best solutions for this?

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