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    MX-23 A few things simply wouldn't work out of the box, but do now. Test-drive anyone?

    Would anyone be willing to give this a spin and give me some feedback on it? It's Mx-23 with kernel 6.5 A few things simply wouldn't work out of the box, Virtual Box for starters, I made some minor changes and managed to get Virtual Box working with a Windows 11 install. It's mostly Vanilla...
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    Computers Have Been Gradually Going Against the Unix Philosophy

    As computers have evolved over the last several decades, there's been a number of improvements made, but there's also been a number of dumb decisions made, and one of those decisions was to make computers all-in-one devices. When I say "all-in-one", I'm not just referring to these modern...
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    Storage for files and Media server

    Hello, I am newbie at server stuff. Thanks for any help and tips. I am trying to dive into all Linux software. Currently using ElementaryOS on my laptop as desktop os. My idea is to store movies/pictures/music/videos etc. media in one place and stream/play its content from Smart TV client...
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    Linux newbie getting started with questions!

    Hi all and how are you! What I'm about to write, at least in part, may have been covered in the exponential forums across the Linux community so apologies if there's a duplicate. I think it would surely benefit me to have answers specific to my needs. I'm so very sorry for these newby questions...