1. Fast Forward Freddy

    Trying to mount a Fritz.Box NAS via Internet

    Hello *, I got a HDD connected as NAS to my FritzBox. I can easily mount it in my home network using the local IP-address. On my Laptop, I would like to mount the NAS via the Internet, so I can access my own private home-cloud ;o) I did configure the Fritz!NAS so I can access it via...
  2. P

    Noob homelab build with extra features on one host

    Good day all, Hope everyone around here is doing well. Disclaimer: I’m a total Linux noob about to tackle his first project and this is also then my first post. As short as I can keep it, here is my story (project I’m about to start): It’s basically a home server with some freedom to play...
  3. K

    A better backup solution

    Hi folks, (misplaced my earlier login, so starting anew) Been using various flavours of Linux for ages, primarily server-side, but coming back to the desktop for a primary workhorse after a significant hiatus. Rolling with Fedora (34) this time, as I find it better suited to BaU work more than...
  4. T

    Best NAS Software for local and remote computers

    I do not expect to receive this information for free. I am happy to pay for the relevant software and/or make a donation. Hello everyone, We are in the progress of expanding our company which will involve moving into a factory. Therefore we are going to set up more computers as well as the...
  5. U

    Sata expansion for FreeNas

    Hi guys, would appreciate some help on sata cards. I recently ran out of sata ports on my motherboard, I guess a PCIe sata card would be an option. I tried looking around and found these options below -...
  6. B

    Storage for files and Media server

    Hello, I am newbie at server stuff. Thanks for any help and tips. I am trying to dive into all Linux software. Currently using ElementaryOS on my laptop as desktop os. My idea is to store movies/pictures/music/videos etc. media in one place and stream/play its content from Smart TV client...