1. D

    Porting Code for Pulling Root Certs from Windows Store to Linux -- How Do I Do It?

    Hi, everyone. First post here. I have this server code I wrote in C++ a few years ago that I'm trying to enable ALPN and HTTP/2 support in. I've added code for ALPN already. I have code for pulling root certs from the Windows Cert Store in there that I want to port to Linux, but I want to...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    Hi there, I want to introduce myself :-)

    I transitionated to a tinfoil-hat, because of 3 reasons 1) my Paranoid / Cyberpunk / Free-Software - Computing 2) my way to support Free-Speech when it comes to Software 3) I am a diagnosed with Paranoid / Schizoaffective Psychosis My Homepage is For the ones that want...
  3. M

    Custom HTTP Apache rpm

    Hello, I started working with Linux, more accurate with RHEL8. I would like to create a custom rpm with a HTTP Apache Server via a .spec file. Building the rpm package via rpm-builder isn't the problem. I watched a lot of tutorials how to work with rpm-build and how to write a very basic .spec...
  4. Z

    snmp server not receives data

    Hello, I have a problem when using the snmp and the server receives data, The service is running correctly and the port is listening I do a snmpwalk -v 2c -c mycommunity (which is the same) and it answers me and a snmpwalk -v 2c -c mycommunity localhost and also, that is, the...
  5. N

    Blocked external access (even with open ports)

    Hi guys, I have some problem on my server that I can't identify. I'm new to this subject, I have a Debian 10 server, but I can't leave it exposed to the external network, even with the proper port forwarding, so much so that I installed xampp on my work machine, and it's working normally, I...
  6. A

    Fix disk and volume manager configurations for a cloned server

    I have cloned a physical server that has Enterprise Linux version as the operating system with Clonezilla to a VMware virtual machine and the cloning completed successfully. However, I noticed two interesting messages during the cloning process. The first one was on the physical server...
  7. jeremyy44

    Internet stops working after some time

    Hi, So recently I have been getting some problems with my server's internet. So my server is on Ubuntu Server 20.04 and whats been happening is that my internet will be fine and working for a while like for exemple it has been working fine for the past week but all of a suden with no good...
  8. F

    IPTABLES - Expert Advice Required

    Hi all, I have been battling trying to get something working for a while now. I'm close to just giving up as I just can't seem to make it work exactly how I want. I am trying to set up iptables on an Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS to accept traffic from the LAN and route through a VPN tunnel that is...
  9. T

    Best NAS Software for local and remote computers

    I do not expect to receive this information for free. I am happy to pay for the relevant software and/or make a donation. Hello everyone, We are in the progress of expanding our company which will involve moving into a factory. Therefore we are going to set up more computers as well as the...
  10. M

    ngrok random url problem

    guys ngrok creates url on my ip , how prevent it? i want random url for hosting and not same my ip address
  11. D


    Hi. My previous employee setup my office server using BYOBU. After installing a template in my ERP system (hosted on the server), I can no longer access the ERP system via our web portal AND our external backup system now fails as well. I have received email notification from the server that the...
  12. OskOskOsk

    Ubuntu server shutdown by itself

    Hello why my Ubuntu server randomly shutdown? (...) Feb 23 21:17:01 server CRON[2970]: (root) CMD ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly) Feb 23 21:30:40 server NetworkManager[885]: <info> [1614115840.9105] manager: sleep: sleep requested (sleeping: no enabled: yes) Feb 23 21:30:40...
  13. T

    Syslog server - is it actually needed?

    Hello :), I'm new to Syslog/Forwarding/Syslog Server and related stuff,so basically new to Linux as well, well atleast i don't have a lot of experience to UNIX like systems. Anyways, things i've tried already with the mentioned stuff above: - setting up azure sentinel/splunk/elk - setting up...
  14. D

    General Server Advice

    After getting more and more aggravated with MS, I made the jump to Linux a year ago. That was a big leap for me since I've been a Windows admin and developer for most of my 40+ year computer career (Used GEM and other precursors even before Win 1.0). I'm now retired. My machine is dual boot...
  15. T

    Can't connect raspberry pi to netcup server via Openvpn

    Hello, I have a tricky but actually simple problem. I would like to run traffic from and to a Raspberry Pi through my Netcup server. So network traffic as well as web traffic. My Netcup server has an identifiable address and can be pinged everywhere. I want to have this on my Raspi too. For...
  16. V

    How to run Windows OS on running Ubuntu Server without VM

    Hi, Basically I have one hardware with static IP. I has beem used for hosting website on ubuntu server. Other family members do not familiar with Linux server. So when they want to use machine I have to reboot the machine and run windows at that time my hosted website was not working because it...
  17. S

    Linux Gaming Server made easy

    Good day All, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but here goes. I am currently running Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS on my server at home. I have tried different types of game server managers for linux but found some of them to have very little control or be too difficult to use...
  18. TheReactiveMouse

    Linux logo on starting Fedora Server 32

    How to enable Linux logo on boot? I want to add this because it's really looks good and i am like it.But, where i am enable it? or where located file? I am new in Fedora Server.
  19. C

    535 error sending on new email, mail server sendmail, dovecot, roundcube

    Hello, I have a centos server with sendmail, dovecot, roundcube mail server. Old emails work well. How to create a new email so that it works with this configuration. Receiving in roundcube works on a new email. Sending gives error 535 in roundcube on new account lolex. Jul 7 09:50:00...
  20. K

    Your web server does not appear to support any common PDO database extensions.

    I was following a tutorial for installing and hosting your own web server, but i'm stuck on this from last 2 hrs. I'm new to linux and everything, please help.this the error i'm stuck on