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Stopping Freeze ups question?


Jul 25, 2023
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So when I used to use Windows... back before I knew the world was round, the one good thing about windows and probably one of its only redeeming features was that if it froze up you could sometimes pull out of it being frozen by using the Control ALT Delete command by bringing up the task manager.

I'm confused... sometimes my Linux OS system is freezing up. I don't have the trash on it that I did with Windows. This is sort of demoralizing. I thought I'd gotten out of it? I mean its fixed now. But I'm still getting it freezing up maybe 2 times a day. Why does Linux still freeze up? You would think it wouldn't, as its not got all the programs fighting for the OS workhorse ability like Windows does.

And the main question, is there a Linux equivalent of Control alt delete to not shut down the computer totally but to get it to sort of make everything going on pause enough to pull out of being frozen up? And is the Linux equivalent of a task manager workable enough to do similar? (Or anything else I should install to also help with that?)


Any and all specifics regarding OS and hardware would be appreciated. Without those it is hard if not impossible for people to help you out with these issues.
Latest edition of Linux Mint.

Dell Latitude E5430 laptop, in original specs ... except for getting rid of the trash Windows OS.

It seems to be usually web pages with heavy advertising forced into them that cause freeze ups more than anything. I don't really game very much either, and not anything new or recent. Mostly I try to do word processing, research, and watching youtube videos.

You know the kinds of videos on youtube where they blow up squirrels with dynamite....

Just kidding. Actually I don't watch that kind of stuff but it seemed like something humorous to say. I do watch stuff like gardening and mostly educational stuff.

I don't think there's a lot of graphic usage here... but this kind of laptop the oem graphic cards are kind of old school and not that great.

@Nao57 For starters you could try to turn off 'hardware acceleration' in your browser. It usually lets your browser use less resources .

Still a few questions though: How much RAM is fitted to your laptop and what processor? (i3, i4?)
If your machine is fairly low on RAM (less than 4GB) and you are running Mint with the Cinnamon DE , combined with a "low spec" processor it might be a bit heavy on your machine.
I don't think there's a lot of graphic usage here... but this kind of laptop the oem graphic cards are kind of old school and not that great.
That in itself shouldn't be a problem running Linux flawlessly. Although a more lightweight version might be better option. But not impossible.
You could run htop to see what's running at the time and the resources it's using. You can also use yhe kill command to kill a process.
Its i5. The i5's are dual processors also. This one is 4gigs of ram. But some versions of latitude dell laptops do come with 8 gigs of ram.

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll have to look into how to change the hardware acceleration setting now. :)
Have a look in the "Driver Manager" and see if there are any additional drivers that could be installed.
And, consider installing a ad blocker plug in for your browser.
It seems to be usually web pages with heavy advertising forced into them
Where are you encountering that?...is that while you are using a browser?....or in you tube?......which browser are you using/

The driver manager suggestion from @Alexzee is well worth a try

Is your Laptop updating ok?.....roughly daily, ...every few days ?

Have a look at the "Vents' along the edges of the laptop...are they filled with dust/fluff etc which would inhibit airflow ?....this is most important in a laptop. The resulting heat will cause freezing.

Is the laptop still running a HDD (ordinary hard drive).....type the word ... disks ....in, (in menu), and click on the hard drive....how full is it ?
maybe take a look at any add-ons you have installed or any tricky bookmarks you have in your browser.
It may be that your processor is working to hard I recon it’s down to virus’. A virus could be contained within any file, or folder and you should check all that’s on your system to be sure your not holding onto any malicious virus.
The other issue could be you do not have a secure internet connection and are being tracked and or redirected to webpages which also a malicious edge. Try to work your activity on the internet, keeping to pages you know are safe. whilst also deleting browser history to ensure you are not being tracked online. Additionally when your are finished browsing for your session, clear the cache.
Not to sure otherwise why your PC would be freezing if your Linux installations are up to date and you have a newer 32bit operating system. Have you tried rebooting when the freezes happen?
Otherwise, happy browsing.
Kind regards.
@Sky071111 :-

Hm. Viruses, huh? Hope ya don't mind my saying, but that's a very Windows-oriented viewpoint. And, er.......a 32-bit OS? On a 64-bit dual-core i5? Why would you want to?


@Nao57 :-

Highly unlikely to be owt to do with the graphics adapter. Intel GPUs are all supported under Linux, as far back as ever I can remember.....Intel is, and always has been, very "Linux-friendly".

I have a somewhat older D630 Latitude - Core2Duo, Nvidia Quadro mobile GPU, 4 GB DDR2, 120 GB SSD.....from around 2007-8. Dell also offered the Intel GPU option with this machine, but the Nvidia chips tend to be more common. They also give joint-cracking problems as they age, due to being manufactured at the time when the industry was just switching over to lead-free solder......and this family of mobile GPUs are known to run hot, even with the official drivers, so there's a lot of thermal stress with constant heating-up/cooling-down cycles. It's a frequent, & well-known issue around this time frame, so it's anybody's guess as to how long my own will actually last before eventually failing. Which at some point is guaranteed.

The fact that it only gets occasional use - and running a featherweight OS like Puppy Linux - probably helps. Most of my day-to-day activities take place on my HP Pavilion desktop rig (far newer, with much more horsepower & a hell of a lot more in the way of resources).

Browsing is the usual culprit when running those kinds of specs. Modern browsers are RAM-hogs - a single tab can use up to around 250-300 MB alone - and 8 GB is reckoned to be the bare minimum for normal daily driving. You can get away with 4 GB, but it'll be a rather lack-lustre experience.....

Mike. ;)
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Have you tried this?
It looks like the hardware acceleration thing changed did help a lot. Also thanks to everyone. It looks like there's an improvement. I can't tell how much is from fixing security settings from malware and virus yet. But it looks like the hardware acceleration thing did some improvement.

I tried to update drivers also.

Looks solved. Thanks to you wonderful friends. Thank you.

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