Rock Roxx


A bit if Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark


damn sight better looking than snow patrol, too !
damn sight better looking than snow patrol, too !

I prefer their version, but I spotted her in my travels - from Britain's X-Factor.

Figured you would spot her, lol.
These eyes may be old(ish) but they are still alert.
Feel like a bit of Cold Play - Champion of the World

I didn't know that Chris Martin was a Linux fan, but then why should I?

Cold Play - Everyday Life

A bit of Tears for Fears.


It has an automatic replay built in (at least that is what I get here in Oz)

Had a crap week?

Kids driving you crazy?

Bills mounting up?

Crank up the volume and sing it. Sing it twice.

You'll feel better.

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Just a small insight into the brilliance of the younger people in this world

Absolutely no idea how that fits into Rock Roxx, but damn' interesting, Brian :)

Here's a bit of C&W, Texas - I Don't Want a Lover

Ok, here is one only a real geek would enjoy. Welcome to stepper motor music.

Australia's tiny Tina Arena - Chains

She started singing on Television here when she was 6 - hasn't really stopped since.


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