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Themed a little bit as a result of a long meeting outside of working hours. And because why not.
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    Screenshot from 2021-11-08 20-28-28.png
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I know its boring but i fancied a change
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finaly finished loading Debian 32 bit on my ZG5


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I borked an upgrade before first semester, and haven't had time to customize it very much. The background is a picture of Mars taken by the HiRise satellite.

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I've switched back to Gnome mainly because it runs smoother than KDE Plasma with less crashes for me, still on EOS.

Hey Prof, just a heads up.

Elementary OS, Endless OS and EndeavourOS all refer to themselves as EOS. But I can see yours is Endeavour.

Der Doktor @joekamprad says of them

All the same from "E" OS group ;) we do endeavour, Elementary keeps it elementary, Endless plan to stay forever. And all the cover names can be mixed up also, as EndeavourOS has endless elementary possibilities to offer :)



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