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Post a screenshot of your Desktop

Zorin Wallpaper.


Are you making these wallpapers? If so, that's slightly different and I don't think we have an 'official' wallpaper thread. We could have an official wallpaper thread easily enough. I don't see why we don't have one. We may have one and I don't know where it is, so there's that.
Mine hasn't changed much for months but I'll post it anyway, except for the fact that I managed to finally make a decent transparent theme. The black rectangle in the bottom right corner is a necessity since my recent discovery that the panel can't have a text outlining for the calendar, at least not the same way the desktop icons can.

I switched to Plasm as my DE because I missed having a modern looking desktop even though my Sway was fun to setup. However I replaced the Plasma window manager(Kwin) with i3wm, that way I have a modern looking desktop and I can make use of tiling so being able to use best of both worlds. :cool: