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Dec 21, 2021
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You guys did such a great job getting me to run thru what must've happened last time, I thought I'd do it again 8 )__.
I'm using PHP in Included file to run thru the file system and print the .txt files, therein, to screen and I am baffled. It seems to want to print every file & below 100 words ( a no-no). Below is the script (variables made clearer). I just thought to use $wCount (doesn't work either) in Switch but I'd still like to know why this won't work {8 ]__. thank you for your input
[this is funny :
i put echo "hello > 100 !"; in the case true, and, it only printed it in those greater than 100 ; >]
phfff ! I had some html tags in one of the .txt files (removed tags and fixed the problem)!! I thought i'd leave this up a few days to let others know what could happen (so, simple)
<?php echo mains();
function mains(){
global $scan=(the scanned folder/for text files);
global $br="<br/>";
global $hr="<hr size='10'>";
foreach($scan as $a){
case true:
echo $wCount.$br;
echo $reading.$br.$hr;break;}}}} ?>
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Maybe something like this might work:

<?php $folderPath = '/home/ubuntu/test'; $br = PHP_EOL; $hr = "<hr size='10'>"; $files = glob($folderPath . '/*.txt'); foreach ($files as $file) { $reading = file_get_contents($file); $wordCount = str_word_count($reading); if ($wordCount > 100) { echo "File: $file$br"; echo "Word Count: $wordCount$br$br"; } } ?>
This seems to work when I test this script out in my lab. These are the steps I took:
  1. Define the folder path where the text files are going to reside
  2. Lines breaks when outputting the results
  3. The array $files defines a glob() function to fetch an array of file paths that much the pattern (.txt files)
  4. A foreach loop to iterate over each file in the $file array
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I have reverted this to the way it should be and am moving it to Command Line.

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