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Hi Charlie, I realized some time ago, the people I'm talking to could be halfway around the world. That makes sense now, because I was going to say to you, you were a night worker, because your last two messages arrived after midnight. That puts you in Nova Scotia/Montreal. My town has about
60000 souls, but it has some satellite estates inherited from Birmingham to get a share of the Brum Airport. So I can't even invite you to pint. What a shame.
Back to business.

where from here!!

Yes the final product of screenshot looks ok, but boy what a performance, I make so many mistakes getting there, its so frustrating.
Oh, you asked about did I wanted to have WIN 10 and Linux together. If the interfere with each other I'll take Win out. no problem.
Good Morning Harald,
Your screenshot came through just fine.
If I may suggest that you make a handwritten copy of what I wrote in # 133, it will be very valuable to you, as I will be asking for various screenshots as we go on our journey.
When you have done that, then tape it somewhere near your computer so you can refer to it when needed {and without needing to hunt for it}.
Please do that before we go further, and let me know when you have it done.
Oh, you asked about did I wanted to have WIN 10 and Linux together. If the interfere with each other I'll take Win out. no problem.

yeah, have written it down, it will be very handy till I can do it in my sleep\
Good job.
Have to leave. Back in about 1 hour. :(
I see in #42 that you have downloaded Unetbootin. Have you installed it on your computer? If not, go to: and download the Windows version as shown in this:
Screenshot at 2020-02-29 10-37-29.png

and then save it on your computer - not on a flash drive or DVD.

Once you have it installed on your computer, open it up and please take a screenshot of it and attach it to your next post.

I've finally managed to get this on, boy do I hate screenshots, or rather the attachment side of it

That's perfect! Believe me, screenshots get much easier once you have Linux installed.
Now, you need to prepare your flash drive by formatting it to Fat 32. {That's the only way unetbootin will work with it}.
When you have the flash disk ready, let me know and we'll go on to the next step.
{Please be patient with me as I am just a poor old man who is doing my best with what I have to work with - a pea brain. LOL.}
don't diminish your own ability. if I had half the size of your pea, I would be twice as fast.
Now, set up your screen to look exactly like this:


Notice the Linux Mint and the 19.2_x64.
When you get that done, then plug in your flash drive and click on the 'OK' button.

You should then see a screen like this pop up:

4-Harald - unet.png

Relax, because this will take quite a while. You might as well go to bed and get rested up for tomorrow. Then, the real fun starts.
I'm going out for the evening, but will be back tomorrow about 10:30 AM - EST. See you then.

@70 Tango Charlie By now I have copied unetbootin 5 times. it stopped 3 X at 49% and 81, twice it went right through and started reading and copying files, but again it stopped twice at file 262. So, does indicate a corruption? Do I need to download it again?
So I'm afraid we are not much further then last night.
Good morning Harald,
It's going to be a good day, my friend;
First - referring to # 154 - which partition are you referring to?
Second - what do you mean - you have copied unetbootin 5 times?
@70 Tango Charlie i had a failure with unetbootin installing salixos which is why i suggested rufus since i got that working using rufus ; would it help if you can get that going then rely that to @hacodo75 ?
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i had a failure with unetbootin which is why i suggested rufus

@captain-sensible @hacodo75
I don't particularly like unetbootin either, but mine is working well so far. I'm installing what unetbootin downloaded and installed on the flash disk {Linux Mint 19.2} on my experimental laptop right now. No hang ups yet. I'll let you know the end result when it is finished.

PS Once Harald gets Linux installed it is much easier to do all this stuff. Windows seems like they want to put roadblocks in every step of the way of doing anything!!!

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