Need help installing any Linux distro from USB


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Oct 26, 2018
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Hello everyone!
Okay, that title was loaded.

Here is my problem:
I bought an old computer from a friend last week. It's an HP mini 1100 netbook with a Windows 7 starter OS, 1.66gHz 1gb RAM something. It's 32bit.
Anyway, I wanted to convert it to a Linux OS. Any Linux OS and it's been driving me nuts!
I'm using a windows 10 laptop to make the USB boot loader.
I have tried Rufus and universal USB installer to load my lubuntu, Ubuntu 16.something, xubuntu (all 32bit) ISO images.
I have multiple problems showing up: Missing ldlinux.sys or no (another file)
It's so frustrating. Can anyone help me find anything?
In short, I can't start the installation process because I can't make a USB boot loader.

Unrelated personal background:
I still consider myself a beginner. I had an Ubuntu OS 8 yrs ago - active user for 2 years. I moved to d US, made babies (i am a mom) and I wanted to go back to my old hobbies - thus this Linux thingy.
I know I successfully installed dual boot lubuntu on a Windows XP netbook probably 5 yrs ago and it still worked until one of my daughters tried to push it back and broke the monitor because she thought it was a touch screen (still works if I have an external monitor).
Anyway, so I've been at it for 3 days now (in between mommy duties).
Pls help me! Thank you!

I downloaded the ISO images as torrent files. I'll check when I get home. The USB is actually a microsd 8gb placed in USBreader. I cleaned it and reformatted it. Multiple times. I'll check stuff later with the links you gave. Thank you so much for d speedy response :)
I can see a cart that may be before the horse :)

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke with a horse strapped over his back, no wonder he is bowlegged)

HG'day @MommyJai and welcome to :p

After you've verified the .iso you downloaded, if it is OK and it doesn't work, then I would ask:

Do you know about going into your Setup at boot (BIOS/UEFI, I am guessing UEFI because of the Win 10 presence), disabling Secure Boot and Fast Boot if need be, and placing the USB stick ahead of the hard drive in the startup order? If not, we can go into detail.

BTW Frank is right on the money with Etcher, I find it quite good.

Chris Turner
Hi! Yes, I know how to boot from USB first before the HDD. I was at it for a few days before posting here. I do know the ISO images are okay because they run okay with the virtual machine I have. Anyway, I think I fixed it haha! So I woke up 4am from a crying 4year old and of course I can't go back to sleep. I poked around a bit and eventually found YUMI, that multiboot installer. I made one pass and I tried it and it worked! Haha! I was so happy LOL.
So I put on Linux mint 17.2 (just because I read somewhere that it worked on my HP mini 210, not the non-existent model I wrote before) now I'm going to try installing different distros... For fun. Haha! Thanks everyone!

...There is an HP Mini 1100...

The HP Mini 210 can be upgraded to 2 Gb of RAM.
Yeay for Mommie Power, sing it again, yeay! :D:D

That is great news.

Be aware that Linux Mint 17.2 'Rebecca' has an end-of-life of April 2019, ie next April, in terms of support and upgrades, so you may wish to consider alternatives, leading up to that time.

If you go to Terminal (Ctrl-Alt-t) and type in and enter the following:

inxi -Fxs

that will give you a broad idea of how your machine is set up and you can either store that for future enquiries or give it to us.

Goodonyer and enjoy your Linux. :cool:

Haha! Thank you! Igot confused reading about stuff. II hav an HP mini 210.
-- I was able to install Linux 18.2 cinnamon 32 bit on my netbook last night. I needed a USB Bec my reader is apparently unreliable. Then i switched to chromium as web browser Bec Firefox won't run YouTube vids. Youtube vids on chromium Still laggy even at 240p resolution. Any good web browser recommended for playing youtube vids?
I'm trying to figure out what to download for my webcam to work.
Wish me luck!
haha! thank you for the Cheese app. worked, no problem. it's not like i'm planning to use it, I just want it to work. LOL. I'm looking into upgrading my RAM to 2gb. I think the speed is decent enough now for typing.

New questions:
I noticed the distros on the poll - manjaro, solus and zorin. what are these distros?

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